Latest Anti Malware Software

Latest Anti-Malware Software
Malware (short for malicious software) is​ any program or​ file that is​ harmful to​ a​ computer user,​ designed specifically to​ damage or​ disrupt a​ system .​
Thus,​ malware includes computer viruses,​ worms,​ Trojan horses,​ and also spyware,​ programming that gathers information about a​ computer user without permission.
In this article,​ I​ recommend some useful anti-malware software,​ these Malware Removal software combine ease-of-use,​ power and flexibility,​ help you​ clean any malware on​ your PC.
a-squared Anti-Malware Personal Edition is​ a​ Malware Removal product from emsisoft,​ here are many anti-virus,​ anti-spyware and anti-dialer program products but only a​ few of​ them can claim to​ provide impactful protection from all types of​ Malware .​
The main reason for this is​ the​ eternal cat and mouse game played for decades between Malware programmers and the​ security industry .​
Normal security program is​ limited by the​ fact that it​ can only recognize Malware for which the​ manufacturer has already created a​ signature - assuming that the​ manufacture even has a​ copy of​ the​ Malware available for analysis.
EMCO Network Malware Cleaner is​ a​ Malware Removal product from,​ get 5 Stars SoftSea Rating,​ This software augments your virus protection program by scanning your computer for malware .​
You can set the​ depth of​ the​ scan and lookup registry strings .​
You can display and export a​ report of​ cleaned files .​
EMCO Malware Destroyer is​ one another product from,​ this can scan for 8,​500 malware definitions and remove adware,​ trojans,​ worms,​ spyware and dialers.
SpywareStopper is​ a​ anti-malware product from,​ get 5 Stars SoftSea Rating too,​ SpywareStopper is​ designed to​ prevent many known advertising spies from loading or​ running on​ your computer .​
It comes with a​ list of​ more than 300 known ActiveX controls,​ that are considered spyware (no reason given),​ as​ well as​ realtime cookie management that enables you​ to​ automatically reject certain cookies .​
Additional features include common automatic IE cleanup (cache,​ history etc.) on​ shutdown,​ home page locking,​ service manager,​ port scanning,​ Hosts editor,​ backup and more.
Spy Guardian Pro is​ a​ malware cleaner product from softdd,​ This anti-spyware software will detect any spy programs,​ including password stealing programs,​ chat and Email logging software,​ keystroke loggers,​ screen capturing programs,​ and various other programs that log your Internet activity .​
It also contains features to​ show you​ exactly what was found,​ and gives you​ the​ option to​ remove the​ spyware from your system .​
It also allows you​ to​ monitor your system startup,​ so you​ will know if​ any new programs are added to​ your system startup without your authorization,​ and it​ displays the​ amount of​ memory being consumed on​ your system .​
You can even choose to​ run Spy Guardian Pro in​ complete secrecy so no one knows you​ have this on​ your computer.

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