Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is​ one of​ the​ recent advancement in​ the​ cosmetic medicine field. This is​ a​ technology that continues to​ be developed. for​ example,​ at​ this point in​ time laser hair removal technology allows removing black and brown hair. it​ is​ still very hard and many times impossible to​ use the​ laser hair removal technology on​ white and red hair,​ but as​ technology develops,​ more and more possibilities are opening. There are many clinics that offer laser hair removal services and many doctors that can tell you​ what the​ laser hair removal procedure can do specifically for​ you​ based on​ your type of​ hair and skin.
In general,​ the​ laser hair removal is​ a​ medical procedure that allows men and women to​ eliminate or​ reduce the​ hair coverage on​ many areas of​ their body. Though the​ laser hair removal is​ a​ method that allows for​ permanent hair removal,​ this is​ not done right away. you​ will have to​ attend several laser hair removal therapy sessions usually five to​ ten sessions during a​ certain period of​ time usually eight to​ fifteen months. Only going through the​ full laser hair removal treatment will result in​ longterm results. the​ actual number of​ treatments and the​ overall laser hair removal treatment period will depend on​ the​ type of​ your skin,​ hair and the​ type of​ laser used for​ the​ procedure.
In general,​ the​ laser hair removal is​ the​ process that is​ used to​ destroy the​ hair follicles without causing any damage to​ the​ skin. you​ will be advised to​ stop waxing the​ skin area where you​ would like to​ have the​ hair removed for​ the​ period of​ approximately two months before the​ laser hair removal treatment. the​ reason for​ several sessions is​ the​ fact that not all hair follicles are destroyed. the​ new hair that grows after one session is​ removed during the​ next laser hair removal session. This process goes on​ until almost all hair follicles are destroyed.
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