Laser Hair Removal Versus Electrolysis

While electrolysis has been around for​ many years,​ laser hair removal is​ becoming a​ viable option for​ many. We’ll take a​ look at​ both methods of​ hair removal and help you​ determine the​ best for​ your situation and needs.

The newest hair removal method to​ be put on​ the​ market is​ laser hair removal. Since advancements of​ all types of​ procedures using lasers have become more and more advanced in​ recent years,​ it​ is​ no surprise that lasers are now being used to​ remove hair. a​ wavelength of​ energy is​ omitted by the​ laser,​ working to​ kill the​ hair from its base.

The most appealing characteristic of​ laser hair removal is​ that after a​ small number of​ treatments your hair should be completely dead and you​ will never have to​ worry about hair on​ that specific portion of​ your body again. Laser hair removal treatments can be spread out farther than other types of​ hair removal treatment since the​ laser hair removal process slows the​ growth of​ hair.

Laser hair removal may seem like the​ most appealing hair removal procedure but there is​ a​ downside. Since laser hair removal is​ a​ relatively new procedure and can be high in​ demand compared to​ the​ number of​ specialists licensed to​ practice the​ procedure,​ the​ cost of​ laser hair treatments can be relatively high. in​ comparison to​ the​ other methods of​ hair removal,​ laser hair removal is​ by far the​ most costly.

A method similar to​ laser hair removal but that has been around much longer is​ that of​ electrolysis. When removing hair by electrolysis,​ the​ technician uses a​ needle that projects an​ electric current into the​ hair follicle,​ killing it​ at​ the​ root. By sending the​ current directly to​ the​ root of​ the​ hair follicle it​ prevents hair from growing back in​ the​ same spot.

Although it​ may take longer than laser hair removal,​ electrolysis is​ another way to​ permanently remove hair in​ a​ certain area. Like laser hair removal,​ this takes a​ number of​ repeat appointments for​ treatment. Electrolysis often requires treatment for​ anywhere up to​ a​ year to​ a​ year and a​ half for​ the​ hair to​ be completely removed. Like laser hair treatment,​ electrolysis can cause some discomfort and pain during treatment when the​ electric current is​ killing the​ hair follicle but it​ should not last longer than a​ few minutes after the​ treatment has ended.

With both treatment methods a​ viable option,​ laser hair removal provides the​ most obvious benefits. You’re able to​ spread out treatments and require fewer sessions to​ achieve the​ same results as​ electrolysis. That said,​ you’re only problem may be finding a​ practitioner with an​ opening in​ her schedule!

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