Laser Hair Removal The Preferred Choice To Remove Unwanted Hair

Laser Hair Removal The Preferred Choice To Remove Unwanted Hair

When you​ have made the​ decision to​ rid yourself of​ unwanted hairs there are two choices to​ consider electrolysis and laser. as​ with electrolysis,​ cases of​ scarring have been reported,​ but these are extremely rare. Compared with electrolysis,​ laser hair removal is​ more precise and much faster. Electrolysis is​ intended to​ be a​ permanent hair procedure,​ but much like laser hair removal,​ it​ is​ not guaranteed to​ be 100% effective. Prior to​ laser technology,​ the​ only options for​ removing unwanted hair were smelly hair removal creams,​ sharp razors,​ stinging wax or​ painful electrolysis needles. in​ fact,​ laser technology is​ already eliminating the​ need for​ these traditional methods.

Almost anybody who has undesirable hair is​ a​ candidate for​ laser hair removal. Both men and women have found laser technology beneficial for​ hair removal. a​ common area where laser hair removal is​ used is​ the​ face,​ chin,​ and upper lip on​ women. Another area to​ receive laser hair removal for​ women is​ the​ legs.

For laser hair removal to​ work,​ the​ light energy is​ selectively absorbed by highly pigmented hair fibers and hair follicles. So,​ less laser energy is​ required to​ remove upper lip hair than for​ pubic hair. Several wavelengths of​ laser energy have been used for​ hair removal,​ from visible light to​ near infrared radiation. in​ facial hair removal,​ a​ low energy laser beam is​ directed towards a​ group of​ hair follicles.

Current laser hair removal techniques use wavelengths of​ light that target melanin,​ the​ pigment that determines color of​ both hair and skin. the​ level of​ pain depends on​ the​ patient and the​ person's skin and hair type. the​ presence of​ a​ suntan makes hair removal less effective and increases the​ likelihood of​ scarring or​ skin injury. as​ such,​ skin color must be taken into consideration. the​ risks can include skin discoloration,​ swelling,​ and infection. Generally,​ patients with dark hairs and fair skin respond best to​ laser hair removal.

While laser hair removal is​ an​ excellent treatment option,​ research efforts continue to​ enhance the​ procedure. the​ diode laser has a​ longer wavelength than other lasers used for​ hair removal,​ which may improve treatment results on​ darker skin types. the​ most common side effects are edema and erythema,​ which generally resolve within 24 hours after treatment.

Though it​ is​ relatively painless,​ you​ may experience a​ bit of​ discomfort from the​ procedure. While it​ is​ a​ minimally invasive procedure,​ the​ procedure is​ not totally free from risks. Fortunately,​ the​ complications are rare if​ an​ experienced and skilled physician does it. When done properly,​ the​ procedure can be performed quickly and comfortably during an​ outpatient visit.

Get ready to​ experience the​ hassle-free world of​ hair removal with laser technology. However,​ when selecting the​ facility to​ perform you​ hair removal,​ ask them about their experience and any other concerns you​ may have. in​ addition,​ laser hair removal is​ not necessarily permanent; most people will experience some regrowth within a​ year.

Laser Hair Removal The Preferred Choice To Remove Unwanted Hair

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