Laser Hair Removal Is It Right For You

Laser Hair Removal Is It Right For You

Laser Hair Removal is​ it​ Right for​ You?
Laser hair removal is​ heavily advertised but little is​ known about this technology. However,​ that will change after you​ spend 58 seconds to​ read every word of​ this article and become wellinformed on​ permanent hair removal. After analyzing the​ facts you​ will be able to​ make a​ decision on​ whether or​ not laser hair removal is​ right for​ you.

How it​ Works
The laser is​ used to​ quickly and gently remove unwanted hairs.
Laser hair removal uses a​ light wavelength that targets dark colored materials on​ your skin. This is​ usually the​ pigment of​ the​ hair. a​ hand held device is​ then used to​ target these areas and remove hair from them. This procedure works best for​ those with fair colored skin and dark colored hair. With darker skin,​ it​ is​ harder to​ target these areas. People with darker skin can be treated,​ but results are slower and more sessions are required. Also,​ youll want to​ find a​ doctor with greater expertise if​ you​ do have darker skin.
Laser Hair Removal must be individualized for​ each patient.
Different types of​ hair respond differently to​ the​ laser procedure. Coarse dark hair seems to​ respond the​ best to​ laser treatment. Light hair is​ much more difficult to​ treat. Blonde or​ red hair becomes extremely complicated. With lighter hair,​ results are variable and you​ must have multiple treatment sessions.
Actually,​ almost everyone requires multiple treatment sessions for​ optimal results. This is​ because hair grows in​ cycles. Not all of​ the​ hairs are in​ the​ growth phase at​ any given time. Additional sessions insure that you​ catch all of​ the​ hairs when they are in​ the​ growth phase.
Cost of​ Laser Hair Removal
The costs of​ laser hair removal can vary depending on​ your location. However,​ they range from $300. 00 to​ $500. 00 per session. Because this is​ a​ form of​ medical care,​ it​ is​ always best to​ seek the​ clinic with the​ highest quality rather than the​ lowest price. Laser hair removal requires many years of​ training,​ individual attention,​ experience,​ and a​ trained,​ caring,​ and professional staff.
Side Effects of​ Laser Hair Removal
Most patients do experience some very minor side effects after each session. This is​ usually in​ the​ form of​ a​ mild sunburntype sensation that goes away in​ 23 hours. Moisturizers and cool compresses can help to​ relieve any discomfort during this time. Any small blister areas that may appear should be treated with a​ topical antibiotic until resolved. Because you​ have been exposed to​ this particular form of​ light ray,​ sun block should be used for​ up to​ 6 weeks after treatment if​ you​ expect to​ be exposed to​ the​ sun. Any further instructions should be given by your doctor.
If you​ tired of​ waxing or​ shaving,​ laser hair removal may be the​ perfect solution for​ you. Now that you​ know more about it,​ you​ should be able to​ make the​ right choice for​ you.

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