Laser Hair Removal The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Laser Hair Removal the​ Good,​ the​ Bad,​ and the​ Ugly
Youve probably heard about how lots of​ European women Don't give a​ fig about underarm hair or​ hair on​ their legs. But many other women are not as​ accepting of​ body hair as​ their European counterparts. and throughout history,​ women have been employing various techniques to​ do this from ancient Egyptian womens use of​ beeswax and sharp implements to​ eliminate leg hair up to​ the​ modernday practices of​ waxing and the​ use of​ lasers to​ achieve a​ smooth and hairless complexion. Here,​ well take a​ quick look at​ some of​ the​ pros and cons of​ laser hair removal and whether its the​ right path to​ take for​ a​ more hairless you.
Hair is​ removed via lasers in​ the​ following way a​ series of​ lowlevel laser beams is​ targeted at​ hair follicles or​ the​ root of​ the​ hair in​ certain areas of​ the​ body. the​ hair then falls out and new growth is​ discouraged. Here are some of​ the​ reasons for​ the​ popularity of​ laser hair removal
Longlasting results. the​ laser beams zoom in​ on​ hair follicles,​ either destroying them or​ significantly disabling them. Thus,​ hair is​ a​ lot slower to​ grow back and in​ some cases,​ they Don't grow back altogether. and any hair that grows back tends to​ be finer,​ thinner,​ and less visible. Imagine the​ time savings you​ could realize. Finally,​ freedom from regular bikini waxes,​ legshaving,​ and facial hairplucking!
Broader and more convenient applications. Laser hair removal technologies and equipment have evolved in​ such a​ way that it​ is​ now possible to​ treat broad areas of​ the​ skin such as​ the​ back and legs in​ addition to​ localized areas like the​ skin above the​ upper lip and around the​ nipples. There is​ a​ wide variety of​ laser hair removal gadgets and equipment to​ suit individual cases.
Increased safety regulations. Hair removal via laser is​ a​ process approved by the​ U. S. Food and ​Drug​ Administration FDA. So,​ the​ techniques used must meet stringent regulations. in​ addition,​ individual states themselves are issuing criteria that laser hair removal cosmeticians must comply with in​ order to​ practice their trade.
Laser hair removal may seem like a​ godsend to​ many a​ woman,​ but she would do well to​ remember that it​ is​ not a​ onesizefitsall sort of​ technology. Like most other cosmetic procedures today,​ it​ does have its disadvantages,​ the​ following of​ which are just a​ few.
Slower results for​ darkskinned or​ tanned women. Laser hair removal procedures are most suitable for​ individuals with lightcolored skin and dark hair because the​ laser beam targets dark material. Dark skin pigmentation can prevent lasers from reaching the​ hair follicles more rapidly. Evidence also shows that the​ lighter a​ womans hair color,​ the​ less efficient the​ technology is​ in​ eliminating those problem hairs.
Laser hair removal treatment costs. it​ takes several sessions to​ rid a​ body part of​ hair,​ and each session costs on​ average $300 up to​ $1,​000. it​ really depends on​ how much hair needs to​ be removed and the​ type of​ lasers used. Some clinics laser hair removal prices are calculated on​ a​ perpulse basis and several hundred laser pulses may be needed to​ remove hair in​ just one area. Also,​ because hair grows in​ cycles,​ its almost a​ sure bet that repeat sessions will be needed to​ ensure that all unwanted hair is​ removed which translates to​ more cash out of​ your pocket.
Potential side effects or​ no effect at​ all. All cosmetic procedures carry a​ risk of​ adverse effects,​ and laser hair removal is​ no exception. Patients have complained of​ first and seconddegree burns,​ blisters,​ and lesions. Others have noted that patterns of​ hair regrowth are patchy and unpleasant to​ look at. and still others have inexplicably experienced insignificant or​ no hair loss at​ all,​ despite their being ideal candidates for​ the​ procedure.
Laser hair removal is​ just one of​ the​ wonders of​ modern dermatology,​ technology that can make a​ woman look more beautiful in​ the​ shortest amount of​ time and in​ the​ safest way possible. Although procedures like this are constantly changing and improving,​ you​ shouldnt just rush blindly into it. Its important to​ consult your dermatologist and conduct your own research to​ determine whether youll be getting the​ maximum benefits that medical laser techniques can offer.

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