Laser Hair Removal And Female Hirsutism

Laser Hair Removal and Female Hirsutism
Laser hair removal can be a​ successful treatment option for​ women who suffer from hirsutism. Female hirsutism affects between 5 and 10% of​ all women. the​ percentage rate is​ higher for​ women with polycystic ovary syndrome,​ also known as​ PC OS. Women of​ Asian or​ African ancestry are affected less often than those of​ European descent. This condition can cause extreme emotional suffering for​ many women.
Female hirsutism is​ loosely described as​ increased and excessive hair growth. That growth takes place in​ areas of​ the​ body where there is​ usually very little,​ if​ any,​ normal hair growth. the​ hair generally grows in​ an adult,​ male,​ sexual,​ hair growth pattern. for​ example,​ a​ woman with hirsutism may grow a​ beard,​ mustache,​ chest,​ or​ back hair. Many women do have hair in​ these areas but it​ is​ usually pale in​ color,​ fine and almost invisible. in​ a​ case of​ a​ woman with hirsutism,​ the​ hair is​ thick,​ course and may be colored.
Before seeking laser hair removal treatment for​ hirsutism,​ it​ is​ essential to​ see your primary care physician first. the​ cause of​ the​ illness must be determined,​ as​ it​ may be the​ result of​ a​ different hormonal,​ or​ medical,​ problem,​ which has to​ be treated medically. Bodily hair growth is​ determined by genetics,​ hormones,​ and lifestyle. Often,​ but not always,​ hirsutism is​ caused by the​ androgenic hormone levels being extremely high.
Significant hair growth may be noticed on​ the​ chin,​ upper lip,​ or​ sideburn area of​ a​ woman with mild hirsutism. it​ could also grow on​ the​ lower abdomen and around the​ nipples and will be the​ same color as​ the​ hair that grows on​ the​ womans head. for​ women who suffer from more advanced cases of​ hirsutism,​ the​ excessive hair growth will also be on​ the​ upper abdomen,​ sternum,​ shoulders,​ and upper back. in​ many cases,​ hirsutism begins with puberty.
The amount of​ hair on​ a​ womans body differs from person to​ person. What may seem normal to​ one woman may seem excessive to​ another. for​ example,​ a​ woman from Sweden with light hair and skin may perceive a​ dark haired woman from Italy as​ having a​ lot of​ hair.
Laser hair removal is​ a​ safe and effective way for​ women with hirsutism to​ rid themselves of​ excessive unwanted hair. for​ facial hair it​ is​ a​ much better method of​ hair removal then waxing or​ shaving the​ skin. One treatment is​ usually all that is​ needed for​ facial hair removal and it​ is​ less painful,​ with much longer lasting results. However,​ more then one treatment may be needed for​ removal of​ excessive unwanted hair on​ other parts of​ the​ body.
In todays world,​ physical appearance is​ extremely important to​ many people and how they relate to​ each another. it​ can be very stressful and embarrassing for​ a​ woman to​ have an excessive amount of​ hair growing where it​ should not grow. Laser hair removal is​ a​ safe alternative to​ other methods of​ hair removal and a​ successful treatment option for​ women suffering from hirsutism.

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