Lamps Are Decorative And Functional Too

Many people don't think twice about the lamps and​ lights in​ their home. When you're trying to​ spruce up your​ decor though, or​ creating a​ brand​ new decorating theme, one of​ the best places to​ start is​ with lamps... because they can be both beautiful and​ functional at​ the same time.

Here are several popular types of​ lamps to​ consider when decorating a​ room in​ your​ home:

Table Lamps - Table lamps are wonderful for​ both decorating and​ functionality. They come in​ a​ variety of​ sizes and​ styles, and​ can really accent specialty decor pieces you​ might already have. Small table lamps are quite decorative when sat upon​ a​ stack of​ hardback books, and​ large table lamps make great centerpieces for​ greenery, knick knack arrangements, or​ keepsakes.

You'll want to​ be careful not to​ overwhelm small, dainty tables with large, bulky, overbearing lamps though. a​ solid rustic wood table would easily carry a​ large wood table lamp, but a​ small victorian-style side table would do better with a​ delicate-looking tiffany or​ hurricane table lamp.

Floor Lamps - Floor lamps are excellent for​ adding both additional light and​ style to​ various areas of​ your​ home. I particularly like them in​ reading areas. Place a​ nice comfortable chair or​ divan in​ the corner for​ instance, away from the walls a​ bit, then place a​ decorative floor lamp in​ the corner space behind it. this​ will create a​ cozy, inviting feel to​ the space while also providing extra light for​ reading, writing, or​ knitting.

Wall Lamps & Lights - Lighting used on​ the wall varies in​ style. There's recessed lights which are helpful and​ decorative in​ kitchen areas or​ bathrooms for​ instance, and​ there are wall sconces which are wonderful for​ adding warmth and​ ambiance.

for​ a​ unique and​ different look, try creating a​ wall arrangement using wall sconces instead of​ candelabras or​ candle sconces.

Picture Lights - Picture lights are used primarily to​ highlight pictures and​ artwork in​ your​ home. These work similar to​ spotlights by focusing the majority of​ their light on​ the artwork. Most are very decorative, and​ they come in​ a​ variety of​ styles to​ match whatever your​ decorating theme might be.

Oil Lamps - Oil lamps can still be bought in​ many places today. Some are replicas, meaning they don't actual burn oil to​ create light, they simply look like the oil lamps of​ old. Others actually do have a​ wick and​ can burn oil. Most people use the actual oil burning lamps for​ decoration​ only, and​ you​ can even buy colored oil to​ fill the lamps for​ an​ additional decorative touch.

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