Kriya Yoga And The Nature Of The Journey

Kriya Yoga And The Nature Of The Journey

Kriya yoga has found a​ place in​ some people who are looking for a​ deeper,​ more spiritual relationship with their lives. it​ is​ a​ kundalini oriented yoga and meditation technique,​ that also teaches certain spiritual and esoteric principles. Unfortunately,​ like many similar "spiritual" power structures,​ it​ teaches you that essentially your power lies outside of​ yourself - that is,​ that you need a​ 'guru',​ or​ 'master' to​ access your own innate spirituality.

Kriya yoga has some aims which sound both appealing and promising. They aim to​ eliminate "obstructions" and "obstacles" from the​ mind and body. Point of​ view is​ a​ very interesting thing here,​ however. Because what is​ an​ obstacle or​ obstruction to​ one person,​ may not be to​ another. This assumes a​ very interesting light in​ reference to​ power structures and belief systems,​ and highlights why it​ is​ important to​ maintain your own self sovereignty in​ mind and action.

Kriya yoga was brought to​ the​ West by Yogananda in​ the​ 1920's. He established the​ Self-Realization Fellowship as​ a​ 'total yoga' system that tried to​ address spiritual as​ well as​ physical aspects of​ self.

Kriya yoga is​ derived mainly from three other yoga techniques - karma yoga,​ bhakti yoga,​ and Jnana yoga. Karma yoga focuses on​ the​ movement of​ the​ soul both inside and outside of​ the​ mind. Jnana yoga focuses on​ wisdom,​ allowing the​ mind freedom. Bhakti yoga focuses on​ love,​ as​ it​ allows you to​ come to​ terms with everything around you. the​ aim in​ combining them was to​ "purify" the​ mind and soul,​ and proponents of​ kriya yoga believe they can achieve self realization more quickly this way than following the​ other disciplines.

Kriya Preparation

The first step in​ Kriya is​ to​ 'prepare' your body,​ and that is​ done in​ one of​ a​ couple of​ ways. For many,​ Hatha yoga is​ the​ perfect preparation exercise. For others,​ though,​ who may not be as​ flexible,​ alternatives are provided.

Next in​ Kriya,​ the​ mind is​ prepared. General conduct is​ studied as​ part of​ the​ mental process in​ this discipline,​ so ensuring your mind is​ correctly focused is​ essential. Additionally,​ the​ Kriya yoga technique pushes you to​ study overall wellness,​ cleanliness,​ purity,​ and even metaphysical principles. Together,​ though,​ they help to​ 'prepare' the​ mind for later techniques,​ which use the​ body's life force currents ostensibly to​ "refine" the​ brain and nervous system.

Mantras are taught in​ kriya yoga techniques. They are believed to​ deepen the​ meditative experience. This sound technology undoubtably tunes the​ body,​ like a​ tuning fork,​ as​ will any sound that is​ repeated and focused on. the​ question is,​ of​ course,​ to​ what frequency is​ the​ body being tuned?

If self realization is​ a​ journey,​ whose journey are we​ undertaking? Ours,​ or​ someone else's? Kriya yoga undoubtably resonates with some people. For myself,​ I prefer more transparency.

Kriya Yoga And The Nature Of The Journey

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