Kripalu Yoga Joining Forces

Kripalu Yoga Joining Forces

Intertwining the​ mind,​ body,​ and energy is​ the​ primary goal of​ Kripalu yoga. Those who practice it​ believe that the​ body contains energy pulsations in​ a​ flow that are called prana,​ which is​ sometimes referred to​ as​ life force. the​ idea is​ that the​ smallest thought or​ worry can cause problems with the​ prana in​ your physical body. That is​ why Kripalu is​ important; it​ is​ a​ way of​ being aware of​ the​ prana and using breathing with thought to​ prevent blockage or​ disturbance of​ the​ life force in​ your body. in​ turn,​ you will feel an​ increased level of​ mental clarity and emotional control.

Boiled down to​ its essence,​ Kripalu yoga is​ about looking at​ yourself in​ order to​ free you. Kripallu yoga followers believe that by simply examining and experiencing physical,​ emotional,​ and mental processes,​ you begin to​ erase blockages in​ the​ prana. in​ turn,​ this creates a​ better flow of​ life force inside you and invokes a​ feeling of​ physical and mental well-being.

Why Kripalu?

Yoga,​ in​ all its forms,​ has been shown to​ be highly effective in​ honing the​ physical human body. This is​ much of​ the​ reason for yoga’s immense popularity. What Kripalu does,​ though,​ is​ use the​ physical body and yoga’s benefits to​ it​ as​ a​ vehicle for pursuing the​ greater good of​ mental and emotional stability and clarity. Hence,​ many believe it​ to​ be the​ most complete and beneficial form of​ yoga. the​ idea is​ that as​ you release your emotional and mental impurity,​ you increase the​ amount of​ prana in​ your system which in​ turn also helps with physical healing and performance. of​ course,​ when all yoga practices and meditation are prefaced with techniques,​ such as​ the​ Maharic Seal (Azurite Press),​ that seal the​ body's energy fields from external influences,​ the​ experience of​ self knowledge is​ both clearer and authentic. Kripalu yoga does not teach this,​ however.

Many use this popular form of​ yoga to​ combine physical fitness with self growth and the​ empowerment of​ the​ self. in​ Kripalu,​ you will learn to​ lead yourself through self-examination rather than through a​ leader or​ instructor. in​ this form of​ yoga,​ leadership is​ there only to​ help you turn yourself into your own leader. Your sensitivity to​ self,​ others,​ and your own body will increase from the​ focus you will receive when you look inside. to​ take it​ deeper,​ many believe that you are using your body to​ as​ a​ temple to​ attract the​ presence of​ those powers greater than yourself. Though some may be skeptical,​ many more feel such presences when led there through their own self-examination.

When you learn Kripalu from an​ instructor,​ you will find that it​ usually does not matter what your level is​ in​ yoga. the​ classes are generally conducted in​ the​ same way for new yoga practitioners and veterans alike. the​ emphasis,​ remember,​ is​ on​ looking inside yourself and seeing what is​ there. Though there are postures and a​ “right” way to​ do them,​ you will likely be encouraged to​ concentrate on​ your mental state and on​ increasing the​ flow of​ your prana.

Moreover,​ Kripalu is​ truly about life change. You will learn to​ focus on​ your spiritual well being outside of​ the​ classroom as​ well as​ while you're on​ the​ yoga mat,​ contributing to​ your overall well being and helping you on​ your way to​ being the​ best person you can be.

Kripalu is​ a​ unique form of​ yoga. With emphasis on​ looking at​ the​ self and ridding it​ of​ all that has gone awry,​ this form of​ yoga is​ about more than just fitness of​ the​ body. it​ is​ about fitness of​ emotions,​ spirit,​ and even a​ little bit of​ the​ soul.

Kripalu Yoga Joining Forces

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