Keeping Your Payday Loans Secure

Keeping Your Payday Loans Secure

Keeping Your Payday Loans Secure
A person who obtains a​ payday loan for the​ first time need not have butterflies in​ his stomach .​
Getting a​ payday loan is​ relatively simple and fast,​ especially if​ a​ person submits an​ application online .​
Completing an​ online application takes between two to​ six minutes,​ depending on​ how fast a​ person reads and types.. .​
Online payday loan companies require loan applicants to​ complete an​ online application form .​
Based on​ the​ information disclosed in​ the​ application form,​ the​ lender will determine whether the​ applicant is​ qualified for a​ payday loan or​ not .​
Most lenders collect information about potential clients from four sources:
1 .​
The information provided by the​ application on​ the​ online form,​ such as​ years or​ months of​ employment and the​ monthly wage.
2 .​
The data regarding the​ client’s transactions with the​ lender such as​ the​ amounts previously loaned and payments made.
3 .​
The record of​ the​ client’s transactions with other companies or​ lenders,​ such as​ whether the​ client has applied for other payday loans or​ not.
4 .​
The report from a​ consumer agency,​ but this report is​ not about the​ client’s credit history.
Some people,​ however,​ are dubious about the​ privacy and confidentiality of​ submitting their information online .​
This is​ because there are unscrupulous hackers who steal information for their own selfish purposes.
To prevent any violation of​ privacy,​ online lenders have installed comprehensive and tight security measures .​
Such measures are meant to​ keep the​ confidentiality and integrity of​ the​ information provided by an​ applicant .​
One of​ these security measures is​ called the​ 128-bit SSL encryption technology .​
SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer .​
The SSL ensures that any data transmitted from one computer to​ another cannot be viewed publicly by anyone.
Another security measure is,​ of​ course,​ the​ client’s username and password .​
With such,​ no other person will have access to​ the​ client’s personal account .​
This means that no one else can use and exploit the​ personal account .​
But with this security measure,​ the​ client must also do his part .​
That is,​ he must not divulge such information to​ anyone or​ make a​ public computer remember his username and password.
For the​ part of​ the​ lenders,​ they usually do not pass on​ information about you​ to​ other entities or​ people,​ except when the​ law requires them to​ do so .​
This is​ when lenders report their financial status to​ authorized government agencies .​
The lenders will certainly not show that Mr .​
X borrowed more money than Mr .​
Lenders also install electronic safeguards to​ prevent other online companies from obtaining the​ client’s contact information,​ and to​ hinder such companies from sending you​ proposals and advertisements about their products and services.
And lastly,​ when a​ person no longer utilizes the​ loan services of​ the​ lender,​ the​ information about this former customer will remain confidential,​ unless again,​ when the​ lender is​ required by law to​ disclose such information.
A person who wants to​ take a​ payday loan for the​ first time need not worry about his credit history because the​ payday loan lender will no longer conduct any credit investigation .​
This means that if​ the​ applicant has issued bouncing checks or​ declared bankruptcy in​ the​ past,​ he will still be eligible for a​ payday loan .​
The few requirements are these:
1 .​
Must be 18 years old and above
2 .​
Must have a​ current job or​ receive a​ regular income
3 .​
Must have a​ minimum wage of​ $1,​000
4 .​
Must maintain a​ checking account
Once a​ person meets the​ requirements listed above,​ the​ next he will need to​ find out is​ the​ amount that he is​ qualified to​ borrow .​
Such amount will depend on​ his income .​
This implies that a​ person usually cannot borrow more than his income .​
This is​ the​ lender’s way of​ ensuring that the​ borrower is​ able to​ pay the​ loan.
Once the​ loan application is​ approved,​ a​ representative of​ the​ lending company will contact the​ borrower either by phone or​ by email .​
The representative or​ customer service personnel will confirm several loan details and will answer any other questions that the​ borrower may have .​
The borrower is​ now considered a​ client .​
And this usually happens within a​ day .​
A few lenders will require the​ client to​ submit via fax or​ email attachment some documents (such as​ driver’s license) so that the​ client may show proof of​ his employment .​
But most lenders have other more convenient ways .​
That is,​ they do not ask the​ client to​ fax anything.
The client usually receives the​ amount he loaned during the​ next business day .​
That is,​ if​ the​ application was submitted Wednesday,​ the​ client’s bank account usually gets a​ deposit overnight or​ early Thursday .​
If the​ application was submitted on​ Friday,​ the​ deposit is​ received on​ Monday.
The payment for the​ loan is​ often deducted from the​ client’s bank account on​ the​ day of​ his payday .​
This payment will consist of​ the​ loan and of​ the​ interest .​
The amount charged for the​ interest will vary from one lender to​ another .​
As a​ first time borrower,​ one of​ the​ best courses to​ take is​ to​ research which lender will offer the​ least interest and the​ best deal.
For more information or​ more questions,​ the​ first time borrower may contact the​ lender’s toll-free customer service hotlines.

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