Keeping Your Driving Record Clean Online Traffic School

Keeping your​ Driving Record Clean: Online Traffic School
No one wants to​ go to​ traffic school – after all, eight hours in​ a​ stuffy room, sitting on​ uncomfortable chairs and​ watching outdated, gory videos of​ the devastating results of​ reckless drivers isn't exactly an​ ideal way of​ spending a​ Saturday afternoon​ .​
Sure, sometimes an​ instructor is​ fun and​ witty, making the experience bearable, maybe even enjoyable .​
But, most people aren't willing to​ relinquish a​ whole day .​
Time is​ simply too precious a​ commodity.
Mike P .​
Welch knows all too well the realities of​ some walk-in​ traffic school experiences, having completed traffic school in​ August of​ 2018 .​
in​ addition​ to​ an​ uncomfortable facility, Welch had to​ contend with disinterested fellow students and​ grossly outdated course materials.
The instructor had us watch a​ video that was from the 1970s and​ a​ big segment was on​ call boxes, which I​ felt was irrelevant, considering the majority of​ the population​ now has cell phones, he says.
Instead of​ fostering an​ atmosphere of​ learning, half of​ the students didn't want to​ be there and​ were distracting to​ the learning process, Welch says .​
I​ didn't appreciate the social stigma of​ having to​ reveal my violation​ in​ front of​ a​ classroom of​ people .​
I​ felt like I​ was there to​ be punished, instead of​ improving my knowledge of​ traffic laws.
Fortunately, those who are ordered to​ traffic school or​ to​ a​ defensive driving course, in​ exchange for​ wiping points off their driving records, have an​ alternative to​ a​ long day of​ traffic school .​
Online traffic and​ defensive driving schools are becoming exceedingly popular, particularly in​ California (including among Los Angeles traffic school and​ San Diego traffic school), Florida and​ Texas .​
Skeptical? Those who have never taken an​ online course will quickly find it's a​ fast, easy and​ effective way to​ complete traffic school .​
in​ fact, statistics prove that online traffic school works .​
in​ 2018, more than a​ third of​ the 500,000 people ordered to​ complete traffic school in​ Florida did so online .​
Ninety perfect of​ those who completed the online traffic course passed the final exam .​

Compared to​ Welch's experience with walk-in​ traffic school, Travis' experience with online traffic school was so effective and​ so inspiring that he founded Ticket Relief Traffic School ( .​
Not only was the course a​ breeze, but I​ actually refreshed my knowledge of​ California driving and​ learned a​ couple new driving laws I​ didn't know about, he says.
As he researched and​ learned more about online traffic schools, his belief in​ the effectiveness of​ online traffic school was only reinforced .​
I​ found several studies that showed students were able to​ concentrate better with an​ online class versus a​ traditional walk-in​ school .​
The studies showed that students who used a​ computer to​ take an​ online traffic school course exhibited a​ smaller amount of​ distractions compared to​ a​ classroom setting .​
The students using the computers produced a​ higher level of​ concentration​ and​ higher test scores than the students in​ a​ classroom setting .​
Indeed, more and​ more people are discovering the vast advantages of​ fulfilling their court requirements by completing online traffic school:
• It's easy .​
Simply register, pay for​ the course and​ get started .​
• It's safe .​
Many online traffic schools, such offer 128bit encryption​ to​ ensure safe credit card transactions .​
• Save time .​
Students can complete their online course in​ as​ little as​ six hours, sometimes less .​
• Finish the course at​ leisure .​
With online traffic schools like students can save their work and​ return to​ it​ at​ a​ later time, unlike traditional traffic school when all work is​ completed in​ one session​ .​
of​ course, those who want to​ complete the course in​ one sitting are welcome to​ do so .​
in​ fact, many students have access to​ the course for​ 160 days from the time they register.
• Use any computer .​
Start the exam on​ the library's computer and​ finish it​ on​ a​ home computer .​
As Long as​ you​ have a​ computer and​ internet connection, the course can literally be done anywhere .​
• Save money .​
Online traffic schools are typically much cheaper with rates ranging from $17 to​ $50 .​
• Discounts .​
Some traffic schools such as​ Ticket Relief offers discounts to​ senior citizens, students, members of​ the military and​ AAA members.
• Consistency .​
a​ few online traffic schools promise students each time they take the course they receive only the highest quality reading material, quizzes and​ final exam.
• It's comprehensive .​
Students will receive a​ refresher course, covering traffic laws and​ other pertinent information​ .​
Many courses include five sections, each ending with a​ quiz that allows students to​ gauge their level of​ comprehension​ of​ the course material .​
The quizzes also help students prepare for​ the final exam.
• Worry-free .​
Students who fail the final exam needn’t worry as​ some traffic schools allow the retaking of​ the exam with a​ 160 day time limit.
Students who have never taken an​ online course needn’t worry .​
Most traffic schools provide customer service either via a​ toll-free number or​ email, or​ both.

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