Keep A Detailed Home Maintenance And Renovation Diary

Keep A Detailed Home Maintenance And Renovation Diary

Keep a​ Detailed Home Maintenance and​ Renovation​ Diary
Just as​ it's important for​ you​ to​ keep detailed records of​ your​ home business, your​ bills, income tax information​ or​ medical history, so too is​ it​ imperative that you​ keep a​ detailed records of​ all maintenance you​ perform on​ your​ home .​
After all, it​ is​ your​ biggest investment, and​ the one thing in​ your​ house that requires constant TLC to​ maintain​ its value and​ to​ ensure it​ continues to​ be able to​ protect your​ family from the elements and​ keep them secure .​
However, when you​ think about everything you​ have to​ do to​ take care of​ a​ home, setting up a​ manageable way of​ keeping accurate and​ detailed records can be a​ overwhelming task .​
But with some creative thinking and​ a​ commitment to​ accuracy and​ organization, it​ can make a​ daunting task quite simple .​

Whether you​ are just purchasing your​ home or​ you're just committed to​ setting up a​ manageable database of​ information​ regarding your​ home's maintenance, a​ home maintenance diary might be just the thing you​ need to​ get organized and​ stay organized on​ this​ matter .​
Begin​ with taking stock of​ your​ home's current condition​ .​
Be brutally honest when you're assessing the situation​ .​
you​ might want to​ categorize your​ diary by section​ of​ the home such as​ the exterior, kitchen, master bedroom or​ basement, or​ you​ may choose to​ divide it​ according to​ task, like painting, electrical, insulation, roof, landscaping, or​ climate control .​
Treat your​ initial walk-through as​ a​ real estate agent or​ investor might do .​
Study each corner, each tile and​ brick, and​ notate any damage, defect, or​ upkeep that needs to​ happen .​

As you​ look through your​ completed home maintenance diary, don't let it​ become overwhelming to​ you​ .​
Devise a​ plan with the rest of​ your​ family that works for​ everyone involved to​ complete needed tasks .​
Perhaps you'll devote this​ weekend to​ painting the exterior and​ the following weekend you'll focus on​ maintaining the landscaping .​
if​ there are tasks in​ your​ diary that you​ feel ill-equipped to​ handle, call a​ professional .​
The peace of​ mind knowing the job was handled by a​ professional is​ well worth it .​

Be sure to​ have a​ separate section​ available for​ renovations, updates, or​ remodels that you've completed as​ well .​
Be sure to​ date these events, and​ if​ there's any notes regarding specific equipment used or​ products purchased, be sure to​ jot that down as​ well .​

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