Karma Yoga The Art Of Living

The ancient book of​ Gita,​ which is​ the​ treatise on​ the​ living has led a​ great stress on​ the​ karma. Karma is​ defined as​ the​ action and its fruits. Ancient Hindu saints have believed that a​ man’s life is​ the​ direct result of​ his karma. Good thoughts,​ words and deeds lead to​ good and happy life while bad thoughts,​ words and deeds lead a​ person to​ disaster. This has been postulated in​ the​ 18th century by Isaac Newton,​ who gave his law as​ “For every action there is​ an​ equal and opposite reaction.”

The branch of​ yoga that deals with karma is​ called as​ the​ karma yoga. Usually you are bound by the​ cravings and desires associated with your act but you can free yourself by doing the​ act but dissociating yourself from its consequences. This is​ the​ basic concept behind karma yoga and the​ person who follows this path is​ known as​ karma yogi. His behaviour is​ of​ indifference and while the​ world may think he is​ not interested,​ in​ reality he has mastered his desires and has developed awareness of​ the​ real significance of​ the​ events that occur around him.

This yoga involves doing your duty without any reservations but is​ free of​ the​ cravings of​ the​ results that are obtained from the​ act. This attitude is​ difficult to​ acquire because we​ are taught to​ hanker after the​ fruits of​ our labour and any failure to​ obtain the​ desired results leads you to​ frustration and negative thinking. Also,​ constant attachment to​ the​ results leads you to​ stress,​ competition and aggressiveness. This has led to​ increased incidences of​ stress,​ diabetes,​ depression,​ heart ailments and suicides and has led many youngsters to​ use drugs,​ alcohol and cigarettes. Hence following the​ teaching of​ Krishna in​ Gita,​ wherein he advises Arjun: “You are entitled to​ an​ action but not its fruits” will lead you to​ a​ happy and stress free life.

A karma yogi realizes this and hence he follows the​ path of​ detachment. But this does not make him dull or​ inefficient. On the​ contrary,​ he channelizes his entire energy into the​ tasks at​ hand with complete vigour as​ his energy is​ not dissipated and gives it​ a​ best shot. Hence the​ results of​ his actions are the​ best and he gets good fruits. He does not run after pleasure but pleasure follows him. This makes him a​ pleasant person to​ be around and thus enjoys success in​ his life.

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