Jumpstart Your Marketing With The Rule Of 5

Jumpstart Your Marketing With The Rule Of 5

Jumpstart Your Marketing With the​ Rule of​ 5
Let me ask you​ and be honest with yourself here,​ are you​ getting the​ results you​ want in​ your business? If you​ are great,​ this message will be helpful in​ getting you​ to​ the​ next level .​
If you’re not,​ don’t worry,​ it​ will certainly put you​ on​ the​ right path.
Now I’ve read the​ studies too that state the​ lack of​ capital as​ the​ main reason most small businesses fail however,​ I’m going to​ go out on​ a​ limb and say that although I​ can’t prove it,​ I​ believe one of​ the​ biggest reasons business fail or​ underachieve is​ due to​ lack of​ effective marketing .​

When I​ attended a​ seminar by T .​
Harv Eker a​ few years back,​ he mentioned and I​ quote it​ takes creativity to​ make money .​
in​ other words it​ doesn’t take money to​ make money; it​ takes creativity to​ make money .​
Now that’s a​ hard concept for most of​ us to​ grasp,​ it​ certainly was for me until I​ started reading a​ few Guerrilla Marketing books by Jay Conrad Levinson which primarily deal with using sweat equity and creativity instead of​ money to​ promote your business.
Now why am I​ telling you​ this? Basically to​ lay the​ foundation for the​ gem I’m about to​ share with you​ here today .​
That gem is​ a​ simple yet effective technique I​ picked up from two of​ my mentors Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield.
This technique is​ called the​ Rule of​ 5 and what it​ means is​ simply doing at​ least 5 things every day towards accomplishing a​ specific goal.
Now since learning this concept a​ ways back,​ I​ have expanded on​ it​ a​ bit to​ make it​ more relevant and effective for me .​
And my guess here is​ that there’s a​ good chance it​ will suit you​ as​ well.
So here’s my adaptation that I​ call Rule of​ 5 Marketing .​
Essentially it​ means doing at​ least 5 marketing activities every day to​ effectively promote yourself or​ your business .​
you​ commit to​ this and you​ are virtually guaranteed success.
Now that can mean making 5 phone calls to​ key prospects,​ giving a​ teleseminar to​ 5 or​ more prospects,​ sending out a​ press release to​ 5 publications that cater to​ your target audience or,​ whatever marketing activity is​ most effective for your business .​
Just make sure you​ do 5 things day in​ and day out,​ without fail because a​ big part of​ marketing is​ about consistency .​

And speaking of​ consistency,​ a​ great way to​ hold yourself accountable and to​ stay on​ track is​ to​ keep a​ daily journal where you​ log the​ 5 marketing activities you​ completed each day .​

If you​ find yourself slipping and not getting it​ done,​ I​ recommend you​ enlist a​ coach or​ a​ colleague to​ become an​ accountability partner for you​ – then you​ can phone them or​ shoot them an​ email letting them know you​ honored your commitment .​
This just adds that little extra something to​ inspire you​ to​ get it​ done.
So commit to​ it,​ journal it​ and be accountable to​ apply the​ Rule of​ 5 to​ your marketing every day and watch your business take off.
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Jumpstart Your Marketing With The Rule Of 5

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