Joint Venture Marketing How To Use Selling Triggers To Increase Response

Joint Venture Marketing - How to​ Use Selling Triggers to​ Increase Response
Joint ventures are one of​ the​ most effective ways to​ grow your business .​
Yet,​ like many of​ the​ most effective marketing strategies,​ when done improperly,​ your results may often be poor.
When you​ try to​ sell your product,​ you​ use all sorts of​ conversion tactics such as​ building a​ relationship,​ getting your benefit across,​ using deadlines,​ exclusivity and calls to​ actions.
So it​ would make sense to​ follow the​ same guidelines when trying to​ attract joint venture partners right? Your main goal is​ trying to​ get people to​ take the​ action you​ want them to​ .​
People are all the​ same .​
They respond to​ the​ same triggers .​
It doesn't matter if​ they have years of​ experience in​ guerilla marketing or​ if​ they're a​ newbie.
Let's examine some of​ the​ trigger points that will increase your success in​ landing joint ventures:
1.) Building a​ relationship
People are more likely to​ work with someone they've worked with before .​
They're also more likely to​ buy from someone they've bought from before .​
That's because trust is​ the​ most important facet of​ any relationship .​
If you​ approach me and I​ have no clue who you​ are,​ then I​ automatically do not trust you​ until you​ do something to​ build that trust.
You can build trust in​ a​ variety of​ ways .​
One way is​ to​ refer to​ a​ mutual business partner .​
Let's say I've done business with your friend Jeff .​
I​ trust Jeff because we had a​ good business dealing .​
If Jeff endorses you,​ then you've automatically gained my trust .​
So go contact Jeff and have him contact me .​
All you​ have to​ do is​ ask Jeff.
Perhaps you​ don't know anybody in​ the​ business .​
That's when you​ use the​ law of​ reciprocity in​ your favor .​
This law states that whenever you​ do something nice for someone,​ they're more likely to​ reciprocate .​
For example,​ if​ you​ provide good information to​ prospects for free,​ then they feel like they owe you​ something.
You can do a​ variety of​ things for potential jv partners .​
You can create marketing material that they can use for their affiliate program .​
You can create screencam video tutorials of​ their products for them so they can give away to​ their customers.
It will take more work to​ do this than simply sending out an​ email .​
If you've researched your potential jv partner thoroughly,​ then you'll know the​ volume of​ business you'll gain will be worth your effort .​
Even if​ this jv prospect doesn't work with you,​ he'll more than likely refer you​ to​ his other heavy hitter friends.
Obviously,​ what I've outlined above may seem like a​ lot of​ work .​
You may just be happy send form letters to​ as​ many people as​ possible asking them to​ promote for product for a​ split of​ the​ profit .​
You may get a​ few interested people based on​ the​ volume of​ emails you​ send out .​
If you​ use the​ brute force tactic,​ you'll surely run out of​ prospects to​ email eventually.
Now that you​ understand the​ importance of​ building a​ relationship,​ let's look at​ the​ second trigger.
2.) Exclusivity
People like to​ feel like they belong to​ a​ special group .​
If you​ tell them that they were specifically selected based on​ some criteria,​ they'll feel special and will more likely respond positively .​
Stroke their ego a​ little.
Here is​ an​ example of​ this method:
Dear potential jv partner,​
I read your article on​ xyz site and thought it​ was very informative .​
I​ like how you​ pointed out blah blah blah .​
Based on​ your article,​ I​ felt you​ were an​ authority on​ xyz topic .​
I​ have a​ product related to​ this niche and I'm seeking experts in​ the​ field to​ promote my product for a​ split of​ the​ profits.
Dear potential jv partner,​
I'm contacting you​ because you​ were recently featured as​ a​ top affiliate for 'xyz product' .​
I​ have an​ exclusive invitation only affiliate program and I'd like to​ invite heavy hitters such as​ yourself to​ join .​
I'm only accepting about a​ dozen partners at​ this time so that you​ have the​ benefit of​ less competing partners.
3.) Perks
Many people do not know the​ difference between an​ affiliate and a​ jv partner .​
This difference should be noted because a​ jv partner can bring you​ so much more business than an​ affiliate.
When you​ have an​ affiliate program,​ your affiliates are commissioned employees .​
In a​ sales organization,​ people who make more sales volume per given month are elevated to​ a​ higher commission level .​
People with spectacular selling skills are highly coveted .​
They are an​ asset .​
If they're not valued then they will jump to​ another opportunity .​
Why should they work for you​ when they get more benefit for the​ same amount of​ work elsewhere?
Your joint venture partners should get perks such as​ higher commissions,​ exclusive marketing tools,​ a​ head start etc.
Giving away your product to​ a​ potential jv partner for review is​ the​ least you​ should do .​
That's the​ bare minimum .​
I​ still get joint venture emails where people do not even offer to​ provide the​ product for review .​
It means they have not done proper research on​ me.
What I've listed are three ideas to​ keep in​ mind when contacting joint venture partners .​
There are many more triggers you​ can use to​ increase response to​ your proposal .​
Just look at​ the​ same triggers you​ use when trying to​ sell your product.
As I've mentioned before,​ people all respond the​ same way to​ certain emotional triggers .​
Utilize them every chance you​ get to​ obtain a​ higher response from your marketing efforts.

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