Jg Zen Meditation

Jg Zen Meditation

The Essence of ​ Breathing in​ ​ Zen Meditation

In layman's term,​ Zen meditation is​ ​ letting go of ​ pessimistic thoughts and simply relaxing. in​ ​ Buddhism,​ it ​ is​ ​ a​ ​ contemplative discipline performed to​ ​ achieve calmness in​ ​ the​ mind and body. Most importantly,​ it ​ aims for a​ ​ practitioner to​ ​ understand the​ nature of ​ life to​ ​ obtain enlightenment.

To fully experience positive results of ​ Zen meditation,​ there are three general methods to​ ​ consider such as​ (1) Concentration; (2) Koan Introspection; and (3) Shikantaza.

Concentration is​ ​ the​ main emphasis to​ ​ start Zen meditation. you​ need to​ ​ focus on​ your breathing which is​ ​ commonly ministered by counting. Let breathing be your shield to​ ​ any distraction. on​ the​ other hand,​ Koan Introspection focuses on​ koan. Koan is​ ​ an entity used for meditation. Just sitting or Shikantaza is​ ​ meditation where an object has no place,​ instead mere concentration is​ ​ needed.

Once you​ have chosen a​ ​ specific method,​ then it ​ is​ ​ time for you​ to​ ​ be aware of ​ the​ common positions undertaken in​ ​ Zen meditation.

Burmese Position

At first glance the​ said position looks like a​ ​ simple cross-legged position. With the​ Burmese position,​ you​ need to​ ​ situate your feet so it ​ will be in​ ​ front of ​ one another and let both your feet relax on​ the​ floor. you​ need to​ ​ ensure that your heels are pointed towards your pelvis. Also rested on​ the​ floor are your knees.

Seiza Position

Seiza is​ ​ the​ Japanese term for correct sitting. it ​ can be achieved by letting your lower leg kneel. Make sure that your feet are under your buttocks and that your toes are positioned in​ ​ a​ ​ backward manner.

Half-Lotus Position

Indian-style with one leg on​ the​ top of ​ the​ other is​ ​ the​ half-lotus position. to​ ​ achieve such sitting position,​ you​ need to​ ​ be seated on​ an Indian-style of ​ sitting. After which,​ lift one leg without letting the​ legs be unfolded.

Full-Lotus Position

Make sure that you​ are seated Indian style. Then,​ pick one foot and take it ​ to​ ​ the​ crook of ​ your knee. Let it ​ rest,​ ensuring that the​ base of ​ your knee is​ ​ in​ ​ an upward position. the​ final step you​ need to​ ​ undertake is​ ​ to​ ​ bring the​ other foot to​ ​ the​ other knee just like what you​ did on​ the​ first.

After you​ have chosen a​ ​ comfortable Zen position for you,​ there are other important considerations you​ need to​ ​ carry out:

? Keep your mouth close. Ensure that your tongue is​ ​ calmly pushed beside the​ upper palate to​ ​ prevent salivation and swallowing.
? Keep your eyes low. Fix your eyes on​ the​ ground.
? Keep your chin tucked-in.
? Keep your nose in​ ​ line with your navel.
? Keep your torso not to​ ​ lean forward or backward.
? Keep your hands enclosed in​ ​ a​ ​ cosmic mudra. Your dominant hand should be in​ ​ an upward palm position to​ ​ hold the​ other hand.

Zen meditation concentrates on​ breathing. Breathe in​ ​ Zen meditation is​ ​ said to​ ​ be the​ fundamental force in​ ​ one's body. Together with mind,​ the​ two are considered the​ reality of ​ life.

With the​ kind of ​ life people are in​ ​ right now,​ Zen meditation may be a​ ​ helpful act to​ ​ be relieved from stress and tension.

Jg Zen Meditation

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