Jeans Marketing Great Looking Jeans

Jeans Marketing Great Looking Jeans

Fit: Tight jeans are mean to​ be fitted and have the​ appearance of​ hugging your leg. This does not mean it’s necessary to​ have them so tight that they literally become another layer of​ skin. When you​ purchase your skinny jeans,​ it’s important to​ buy a​ pair that is​ fitted but comfortable. you​ want to​ be able to​ zipper them and sit down without a​ problem. if​ you​ buy low rise designer jeans that are too tight,​ you​ may find that they work against your body,​ puckering out in​ the​ entire wrong place. These jeans are supposed to​ give the​ illusion of​ slim legs so don’t disillusion yourself and buy a​ size that’s too small.

Color: While skinny jeans come in​ several shades,​ it’s best to​ choose a​ pair in​ a​ dark blue or​ black shade. the​ darker color skinny jeans are a​ popular choice because they tend to​ flatter a​ wider variety of​ body types and can help create a​ slimmer appearance.

Tops: Unless you’re super model slim it’s best to​ stay away from tight tops that end at​ or​ around your waist. Since skinny jeans are so form fitting,​ wearing them with shirts that are too tight or​ short can make you​ look disproportioned. This style jean looks best with shirts that are longer and flowing. Try to​ pair your new jeans with longer flowing tops like tunics and over sized t-shirts.  Footwear: For those of​ you​ who are a​ little on​ the​ shorter side,​ try tucking your skinny jeans into a​ pair of​ sexy high heeled boots for some added height. the​ boots and the​ heal will work together to​ elongate your leg. if​ you’re afraid that you’re too curvy to​ wear skinny jeans,​ try wearing them with a​ high heeled or​ platform shoe. Shoes with a​ high heel will elongate your leg and create a​ slimmer look. if​ your extremely tall and don’t want to​ deal with the​ added inches of​ a​ high heal go with a​ flat. Flats are all over this season so your options are pretty open. if​ you​ want to​ keep a​ sophisticated look,​ try wearing a​ pair of​ pointed-toe flats with your skinny jeans. Ballerina flats are also a​ good choice for the​ extra those of​ you​ who are taller. Comfort: Nothing makes you​ look better than your own self confidence. Make sure that you’re comfortable in​ your new skinny jeans. Even if​ you​ look great,​ if​ you’re not confident in​ this particular style of​ jeans its okay. There are several styles to​ choose from so find the​ pair that you’re the​ most comfortable in.

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