Japanese Interior Decorating

Japanese Interior Decorating

Caring for​ an​ oriental rug. Frequent vacuuming is​ important. When to​ know how to​ get an​ oriental rug cleaned.

you​ can find nothing lovelier to​ spruce up your​ home than a​ beautiful oriental rug. No matter what your​ color or​ design scheme, you​ can find an​ oriental rug to​ suit it, since they come in​ every imaginable color and​ design.
Oriental rugs will last for​ years, and​ even generations, if​ they are properly cared for. it​ may seem like a​ difficult task to​ properly clean an​ oriental rug, but taking a​ few precautions and​ knowing the right steps will help assure that your​ rugs will last a​ long time.

The first and​ most important step in​ preserving your​ oriental rug is​ vacuuming. Don't believe it​ when people tell you​ that vacuuming an​ oriental rug will damage it. The exact opposite is​ true, as​ long as​ you​ do it​ properly. Make sure that the beater on​ your​ vacuum is​ at​ the highest position​ so that it​ does not dig into the fabric of​ the rug and​ cut and​ scrape the fiber. you​ may even consider taking the beater bar off altogether, since all you​ really want to​ do is​ suck the dust and​ dirt out of​ the carpet, not scour it.

if​ your​ carpet has reached a​ point, however, where routine vacuuming is​ no longer keeping it​ nice looking, it​ may be time for​ a​ proper cleaning. First of​ all, if​ anyone ever spills something on​ your​ oriental rug, make sure you​ remove it​ as​ quickly as​ possible. if​ a​ stain​ is​ allowed to​ set, it​ will be that much more difficult to​ remove. if​ you​ have an​ accumulation​ of​ stains and​ dirt on​ your​ oriental rug, it​ may be time to​ bring it​ to​ an​ oriental rug specialist. you​ should be able to​ find one locally is​ you​ check the yellow pages, but if​ there are none in​ your​ area, talk to​ a​ dry cleaner who may be able to​ refer you​ to​ someone who can handle this​ kind of​ work.

A specialist in​ oriental rug cleaning knows all about the construction​ of​ the rug and​ how important it​ is​ to​ protect the fiber. it​ is​ very important to​ have the rug cleaned so that the beautiful vibrant colors can once again​ be seen, without any damage to​ the material or​ the risk that the colors will run together. an​ expert knows how to​ do this.
These companies realize that an​ oriental rug can be well cleaned without any long term damage to​ the rug. Using a​ special cleaning solution​ will allow them to​ do this, and​ even though the rug is​ washed in​ water, it​ is​ washed in​ a​ special solution​ that will protect while cleaning it. Trying to​ clean a​ rug like this​ be yourself may only lead to​ headaches or​ worse, permanent damage to​ your​ beautiful rug. Don't think you​ can put the solution​ in​ a​ tub of​ water and​ scrub the rug clean. you​ will ruin​ the rug you​ have worked so hard to​ get clean.

if​ you​ want your​ oriental rug to​ be a​ part of​ your​ life for​ a​ long time, and​ it​ certainly can be, you​ should do your​ routine care such as​ vacuuming and​ quick spill cleanup, and​ leave the heavy duty care to​ professionals who will do it​ right.

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