Jam Band Writing Journals Track Your Shows

Jam Band Writing Journals – Track Your Shows
Following jam bands is​ a​ blast because of​ the​ music,​ places you see and cool people you meet .​
Jam band journals are great ways to​ keep track of​ your shows.
Jam Band Journals
Undoubtedly,​ the​ Grateful Dead was the​ greatest jam band in​ history,​ but others such as​ String Cheese Incident have carried on​ the​ tradition .​
Whatever your favorite band is,​ think back to​ the​ last show you saw .​
What sticks out in​ your mind? Now think about the​ first time you ever saw the​ band .​
Do you remember the​ set,​ people you met and so on? Probably not .​
The experiences you’ve forgotten are lost to​ time .​
If you had kept a​ jam band journal,​ this wouldn’t be the​ case.
There are famous instances of​ people keeping journals throughout time .​
Of course,​ Anne Frank’s Diary is​ the​ best example .​
In her diary,​ Anne kept a​ running commentary of​ the​ two years her family spent hiding from the​ Nazis .​
While your show experiences better be more lighthearted,​ keeping a​ journal will let you remember them as​ the​ years pass.
A good jam band journal combines a​ number of​ characteristics .​
First,​ it​ should be compact so you don’t have to​ take up unnecessary space for other things .​
Second,​ it​ should have a​ case to​ protect it​ from the​ elements .​
Third,​ the​ journal should contain blank areas to​ write email address,​ phone numbers and set lists .​
Fourth,​ the​ journal should contain cue spaces to​ remind you to​ keep notes on​ specific things .​
Cues should include:
1 .​
Set list,​
2 .​
Location and directions,​
3 .​
Accommodations and camping information,​ if​ any,​
4 .​
People you met,​ email addresses and phone numbers,​
5 .​
Grub and grog,​
6 .​
High points of​ the​ show,​ and
7 .​
Any unique things that occurred.
As the​ shows add up,​ you’ll be able to​ look back through your journal to​ past shows,​ find information to​ locate people and generally laugh yourself silly about things that happened .​
Don’t lose your experiences to​ time.

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