Isnt It Time To Try Kundalini Yoga

Isnt It Time To Try Kundalini Yoga

Although there are many types of​ yoga,​ and it​ may be impractical to​ try them all,​ experiencing some of​ the​ main branches -- including Kundalini yoga -- will give you a​ fuller grasp of​ yoga’s essence and benefits. Kundalini yoga isn't just another practice,​ however. It's often referred to​ as​ the​ mother of​ all yoga,​ and said to​ be one of​ the​ most powerful forms.

What's more,​ Kundalini yoga is​ a​ little different from other practices. Most forms of​ yoga concentrate on​ the​ body's poses,​ combined with breathing and meditation exercises. While Kundalini yoga still concerns itself with forms and poses,​ it​ places much more emphasis on​ breathing,​ chanting,​ and releasing a​ special energy we​ all possess unawares.

In Kundalini yoga,​ the​ special energy is​ likened to​ a​ powerful serpent lying asleep at​ the​ base of​ the​ spine. But practitioners can awaken the​ powerful serpent with the​ use of​ Kundalini techniques,​ releasing almost unimaginable energy.

How It’s Done

In Kundalini yoga,​ you'll combine classic poses,​ meditation,​ chanting or​ mantras,​ and also coordinate your breath and movement. in​ this yoga,​ the​ serpent that represents energy is​ said to​ lie asleep at​ the​ base of​ your spine,​ coiled and dormant. Specifically,​ this region is​ located in​ the​ perineum area of​ the​ body. That is,​ it​ lies between the​ rectum and the​ testicles in​ males,​ and between the​ vagina and the​ clitoris in​ females. When awakened,​ the​ dormant masculine energy (Siva) and feminine energy (Sakti) unite to​ create a​ powerful surge unlike anything you're likely to​ have experienced before.

What Can it​ Do For Me?

The powerful energy released by Kundalini yoga is​ said to​ do many things for the​ body. And yet,​ although it​ can help you physically,​ its primary benefits are spiritual. All the​ intangible energies that help to​ shape our lives are affected by Kundalini yoga,​ such as​ divine prosperity,​ and freedom from judgment. Once freed,​ this new energy helps to​ promote creativity and unconditional love. Needless to​ say,​ all these positive changes help sweep away any negative feelings,​ such as​ those associated with depression,​ or​ even long-standing resentments or​ jealousy.

If you would like to​ experience this type of​ amazing yoga,​ you’ll want professional guidance. Understanding more about how Kundalini works will help you achieve the​ results you seek,​ so a​ little private time with the​ books can help you as​ well. as​ with any yoga,​ it's best to​ learn Kundalini from an​ experienced instructor,​ who can help you focus your energy in​ addition to​ teaching you the​ techniques. Having an​ awakened yogi nearby can be half the​ battle.

Isnt It Time To Try Kundalini Yoga

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