Is Their A Miracle Cure For Hairloss

Is their a​ miracle cure for​ hairloss?
There comes a​ time in​ every man’s life when he starts to​ lose his hair. for​ some,​ it​ can be as​ early as​ their twenties or​ even their teens,​ while others don’t start to​ lose any hair at​ all until their forties or​ fifties. as​ it​ is​ so widely seen as​ a​ sign of​ old age,​ however,​ there is​ a​ big social stigma attached to​ hair loss,​ which leads people to​ seek various treatments to​ get their hair back again.
Hair loss is​ not always caused by old age,​ however,​ as​ many diseases can also cause people to​ lose their hair. Although cancer is​ the​ most wellknown,​ it​ is​ not uncommon to​ lose some hair after quite minor diseases,​ or​ after having surgery. Hair loss is​ also a​ side effect of​ some medicines,​ such as​ antidepressants.
So is​ there a​ miracle cure for​ hair loss? Well,​ not really.
The most common treatments that people try are the​ creams available in​ most pharmacies,​ such as​ Rogaine. They do cause some extra hair growth,​ but also tend to​ make your head very itchy in​ the​ process. However,​ as​ soon as​ you​ stop using it,​ the​ hair loss will resume,​ so keeping your hair could turn out to​ be very expensive for​ you.
A cheaper option could be pills like propecia,​ which has also been proven to​ work,​ although only in​ about half of​ patients. it​ must,​ however,​ also be taken for​ the​ rest of​ your life if​ you​ want to​ keep your hair until you​ die.
Hair loss can often also be stopped by simply making some changes in​ your lifestyle,​ like eating less fat and trying to​ avoid stressful situations. in​ many cases,​ this is​ the​ most effective treatment of​ all,​ as​ so much hair loss is​ brought on​ entirely by workrelated stress it’s well worth taking a​ week off and seeing if​ you​ still have the​ problem after that.
Above all,​ if​ you’re trying to​ treat your baldness,​ remember the​ three Ps patience,​ proven treatments,​ and taking pictures.

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