Is Laser Hair Removal An Option You Should Consider

Is Laser Hair Removal An Option You Should Consider

Epilation performed by laser was performed experimentally for​ about 20 years before it​ became commercially available in​ the​ mid 1990s. Laser and light-based methods are sometimes called phototricholysis or​ photoepilation.

Laser hair removal works by sending a​ beam of​ laser light to​ a​ group of​ hair follicles with enough power to​ disable or​ destroy the​ root. if​ done properly,​ there should be no damage to​ the​ surrounding skin area. Experts say that "Laser hair removal only destroys hair in​ its active growth phase,​ the​ anagen phase. This phase lasts several years,​ and up to​ 85% of​ our hair is​ in​ that phase at​ any given time".

Laser hair removal can prove rapid,​ gentle removal of​ unwanted hair. Cheaper than traditional electrolysis,​ it​ can still cost over $1,​000 for​ multiple treatments to​ get the​ job completed. Small areas,​ such as​ the​ upper lip,​ can be less.

There are some requirements before you​ consider,​ laser hair removal. One absolute requirement is​ that the​ surrounding skin color be lighter than your hair.

In addition,​ people with dark skin are not good candidates for​ laser hair removal as​ they absorb too much or​ the​ laser energy into their skin. Even tanned persons should wait until their skin returns to​ normal color before the​ laser hair removal treatments.

Many areas of​ the​ body can benefit from this procedure. Any area,​ except near the​ eye,​ including the​ face,​ upper lip,​ neck,​ chest,​ underarms,​ back,​ abdomen,​ bikini line,​ and legs can have laser hair removal.

The one then to​ remember is​ that this procedure is​ usually permanent unlike many of​ the​ traditional methods of​ hair removal.

Problems that can occur include pigmentary or​ color change or​ of​ the​ skin,​ including either dark or​ light areas. Fortunately,​ although these color changes may persist for​ months,​ they are almost always temporary. Further,​ improper treatment can cause burns,​ lesions,​ skin discoloration lasting several months,​ or​ patchy re-growth.

You should also consider this about laser hair removal. Even if​ you​ are not the​ "ideal candidate",​ you​ can still enjoy some benefits of​ laser hair removal. a​ medical practitioner can discuss with you​ your own hair and skin color combination and what type of​ laser hair removal treatment might work for​ you.

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