Is Homeschooling Legal 210

Is Homeschooling Legal 210

Is Homeschooling legal?
Without a​ doubt,​ homeschooling is​ legal in​ all the​ 50 States of
the U.s .​
But,​ that is​ just about where the​ similarity ends .​
and regulations regarding homeschooling vary from state to​ state .​
Interpretations of​ these laws can vary from scholl district to​
school district .​
Additionally,​ these laws may change every year .​
The National Home Education network is​ a​ wonderful resource when
it comes to​ the​ legalities of​ homeschooling .​
It has a​ listing of​
the actual state laws for each state in​ the​ U.S .​
Reading the​ laws
that pertain to​ your state is​ perhaps the​ best way to​ get accurate
information about these laws .​
But,​ most people need to​ get the​
laws interpreted by a​ qualified attorney .​
You can get valuable
information from the​ support group at​ your locality .​
many state education departments have online resources that will
help you in​ interpreting the​ state requirements for homeschooling .​
The internet is​ also a​ good source of​ information .​
It is​ a​ good idea to​ check out your state laws regarding
homeschooling before you start educating your child at​ home .​
will prevent any nasty surprises on​ the​ way .​
If you have to​ move,​
you will need to​ be aware of​ any tests or​ exams that your child
may need to​ take .​

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