Is Hair Transplant Painful

Is Hair Transplant Painful

Is Hair Transplant Painful?
Many people who think about having hair transplant surgery wonder if​ the​ procedure is​ painful .​
Often people have sensitive scalps and the​ thought of​ someone making cuts there seems hard to​ think about for​ these people .​
There is​ disagreement as​ to​ whether hair transplant surgery is​ painful,​ though .​

Some say that hair transplant surgery is​ similar to​ a​ visit to​ the​ dentist .​
This does not seem like a​ description of​ something that is​ pain-free .​
It certainly does not seem like a​ relaxing experience .​
Yet some feel that there is​ that degree of​ pain involved .​

The injections of​ the​ local anesthetic into the​ scalp before hair transplant procedures are definitely painful to​ some degree .​
Anyone who has had a​ tooth pulled knows that,​ if​ the​ tooth is​ deadened properly,​ it​ is​ not the​ tooth-pulling that hurts .​
It is​ the​ needle going in​ with medication to​ numb the​ tooth that is​ the​ real agony .​

Of course,​ to​ follow the​ dental analogy,​ after the​ numbing wears off there is​ plenty of​ pain where the​ tooth was before .​
With hair transplant surgery,​ there is​ pain after the​ surgery as​ well .​
Swelling is​ normal after hair transplant surgery and can even keep you​ away from work .​
Your skull may feel very unusual for​ weeks .​

However,​ the​ pain of​ hair transplant cannot actually be compared to​ a​ tooth extraction .​
Hair transplant pain is​ decidedly less sharp and some do not even feel it​ as​ pain at​ all .​
Many people simply feel it​ as​ an​ uncomfortable feeling .​
If they do feel any pain,​ it​ is​ of​ a​ degree that can be taken care of​ with a​ few doses of​ Tylenol .​

On the​ other hand,​ some people who have had hair transplant procedures done do not feel that there is​ any pain involved at​ all .​
They tolerate the​ injections of​ the​ local anesthetic well .​
They are not bothered at​ all by the​ procedure .​
in​ fact they often watch television or​ read magazines,​ being awake and alert the​ whole time .​

Hair transplant surgery is​ surely less painful than it​ was in​ earlier times when larger sections of​ scalp were excised .​
This involved more cutting to​ take out the​ donor hair and more cutting to​ insert the​ donor hair into the​ recipient site .​

Hair transplant surgery was a​ very painful procedure in​ the​ past .​
Not all doctors today have given up on​ older methods .​
This is​ one reason why you​ should ask a​ lot of​ questions when you​ look for​ a​ hair transplant surgeon .​

Up-to-date techniques for​ hair transplant use only the​ follicular unit and not a​ large amount of​ surrounding tissue for​ the​ donor grafts .​
This cuts down considerably on​ the​ amount of​ pain experienced .​
the​ procedure is​ minimally invasive now,​ so that no more of​ the​ scalp is​ disturbed than is​ necessary .​

Finally,​ having a​ hair transplant with an​ experienced and skilled surgeon is​ an​ important key to​ having a​ less painful surgery .​
a​ doctor who knows the​ best way to​ do the​ procedure will cause you​ less pain an​ produce a​ better result for​ you​ into the​ bargain .​

Is Hair Transplant Painful

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