Is Excel Running Your Business A Transition To Project Management Software Is Worth The Investment

Is Excel Running Your Business A Transition To Project Management
Software Is Worth The Investment

Is Excel Running Your Business? a​ Transition to​ Project Management Software is​ Worth the​ Investment.
Businesses small and large have been using MS Excel for years to​ run processes and manage projects .​
For small,​ simple projects Excel is​ a​ useful organizational tool .​
However,​ projects have a​ tendency to​ grow in​ complexity at​ a​ rate that Excel can not keep up with .​
Imagine that a​ business needs to​ track projects or​ processes and does not have the​ time or​ budget to​ put a​ sophisticated tracking system in​ place .​
An IT department does not exist or​ is​ busy handling other affairs .​
Excel often seems to​ be the​ obvious,​ quickest and easiest resource to​ get things started.
Skip ahead a​ few months or​ a​ year later and those same Excel spreadsheets have now become a​ burden to​ the​ company .​
Many different versions are being passed around .​
No one knows who has the​ most up-to-date files saved on​ their computer .​
The project has evolved,​ making the​ spreadsheets so complex that only one person understands how to​ update them or​ even interpret them,​ in​ some cases .​
It is​ now nearly impossible to​ generate reports from the​ spreadsheets or​ track progress and historical data .​
The data is​ also not searchable since Excel does not function as​ a​ database .​
the​ list goes on​ and on​ with all the​ limitations.
It is​ very understandable why business professionals turn to​ Excel to​ run critical processes: most already own a​ license on​ their desktop and are familiar with enough to​ quickly get the​ project started .​
They can even bypass IT altogether and maintain the​ Excel files themselves .​
The problem is​ Excel was never intended to​ be used as​ project management tool .​
It is​ no surprise that collaborating via spreadsheets becomes unbearable rather quickly as​ projects and processes grow in​ complexity.
Project Management software solutions such as​ Interneer Intellect provide business professionals with the​ same benefits they seek with Excel - ease of​ use,​ quick setup,​ ease of​ maintenance without IT - all with the​ full benefits and robustness of​ a​ database system,​ that is​ collaborative,​ web-based,​ multi-user and enterprise level .​
These systems even incorporated many other features that make it​ easier for the​ business users to​ manage documents,​ projects and process workflows.
Excel is​ best for what it​ was designed to​ do - accounting and financial calculations .​
Stop running your businesses on​ a​ thread and read white papers and view demos of​ project management software system .​
Web-based systems like Interneer Intellect allow for real-time collaboration between team members anywhere .​
the​ time saved using project management software will provide ROI.

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