Is Cheap Software Worth A Second Look

Is Cheap Software Worth a​ Second Look?
You’ve heard the​ saying a​ thousand times,​ you​ get what you​ paid for,​ and so far in​ life you​ have found this to​ be pretty accurate .​
Now though you​ are looking at​ a​ new software package and wondering is​ software the​ same way? is​ cheap software worth your time to​ try it​ out .​
Well I​ am here,​ as​ always,​ to​ challenge tradition and make a​ claim that this is​ one situation where the​ saying doesn’t hold any water .​
The answer is​ yes! you​ can get great software and VERY cheap.
So now I​ guess I​ have to​ explain myself don’t I? Well here is​ the​ deal—software is​ digital information that can be traded over the​ world wide web .​
That’s right! I​ said the​ WORLD wide web .​
So we are not talking about software created by software engineers who have been trained at​ top engineering schools and are thousands of​ dollars in​ debt from it​ still AND have to​ pay $1200 a​ month in​ rent for a​ one bedroom efficiency .​
No I​ am talking about self trained geniuses all over the​ world who are just as​ good as​ their college educated American counterparts but don’t expect or​ need to​ be paid a​ quarter as​ much .​
That is​ right you​ can give them what to​ them is​ the​ equivalent of​ a​ six figure salary in​ the​ US and it​ is​ cheap to​ you​ .​
These are the​ best kind of​ deals aren’t they? Everybody wins and walks away feeling like they have come out of​ the​ deal ahead.
So how do you​ hook up with these foreign programmers in​ order to​ score your cheap software? Well via the​ internet of​ course! There are sights set up where you​ can post jobs and any programmer can take a​ stab at​ it​ and if​ you​ are happy you​ work out a​ deal to​ pay them for the​ work .​
You also naturally will want to​ keep working with them if​ they have shown their worth with the​ first job which is​ typically a​ test run of​ sorts to​ interview the​ programmer .​
The internet allows easy communication and easy payment systems that are secure for both payer and payee.
Now there are some difficulties that you​ will have to​ work through .​
First you​ have to​ get good at​ detailing what it​ is​ that you​ want done .​
Second you​ want to​ make sure that they are testing there work and giving you​ a​ semi-polished draft of​ the​ software .​
Third you​ want to​ be able to​ talk to​ them in​ your language and have them be proficient enough to​ foster good lines of​ communication so that the​ deals go through smoothly .​
Third reward these guys and they will return to​ you​ for more .​
You are giving them a​ great opportunity for work and they will remain loyal giving you​ cheap software that is​ better than what you​ paid for it.

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