Is The Apple Ipod Going To Last Or Burn Out Like The Apple Macintosh

Is The Apple Ipod Going To Last Or Burn Out Like The Apple Macintosh

Is the​ Apple iPod going to​ last or​ burn out like the​ Apple Macintosh?
Today the​ Apple iPod is​ leading the​ market in​ the​ portable music player industry,​ having sold around 15 million iPods since they were released .​
But some people are now saying like the​ Apple Macintosh once an​ industry leader the​ iPod will also become a​ memory.
Looking to​ the​ near future at​ the​ main competition for the​ Apple iPod are the​ new age mobile phones .​
Not only do they have the​ normal features of​ a​ mobile phone but they’re also adopting a​ higher standard of​ digital camera and a​ built in​ MP3 player .​
Unless Apple decides to​ bring the​ iPod into the​ mobile phone industry,​ we​ may see them move to​ the​ back of​ the​ shelf at​ ebay.
Below are an​ example of​ some already available mobile phones that incorporate the​ higher standard digital camera and MP3 player:
• Motorola MPx220
• Siemens SX1
• Sony Ericsson P910i
• Sony Ericsson W800i
Looking at​ the​ Sony Ericsson W800i,​ this mobile phone offers a​ 2 mega pixel digital camera with video recording capability .​
Also a​ built in​ MP3 player and the​ phone comes with a​ 512mb Memory Stick™ PRO Duo .​
This maybe only capable of​ holding around 150 music tracks or​ 10-15 full length CDs .​
You can upgrade the​ memory stick to​ 1GB doubling the​ storage capacity.
Obviously the​ Sony Ericsson W800i does not have the​ storage capacity of​ a​ 60GB iPod video,​ but looking at​ the​ technology trends everything is​ getting smaller with higher storage capacity.
Once mobile phones have a​ higher storage limit (60GB) they will also have the​ capability of​ playing MP4 .​
Then your every day mobile phone will be a​ Phone,​ Camera,​ MP3 music player and an​ MP4 video player which fits in​ your pocket.
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