Ipods Which Rock The World

Ipods Which Rock The World

Wondering why people are becoming crazy about this miniature audio device? iPods offer excellent quality of​ digital music. the​ success of​ iPod is​ due to​ its features like:

•iPod is​ able to​ deliver extremely rich quality of​ digital music.
•It comes in​ attractive small sizes and thus tends to​ be very handy and compact.
•They come with in-built media library software,​ called as​ the​ iTunes media library software. This feature enables the​ user to​ manage the​ music files efficiently.
•The most attractive feature which made iPod the​ best seller is​ the​ attribute which allows the​ device to​ be connected to​ the​ user’s computer.
•Thus by enabling connection with the​ user’s computer,​ the​ iPod prove to​ serve as​ efficient storage devices.
•iPods sport a​ display,​ which makes the​ gadget more user friendly.
•Improvised iPods also had PDA’s( Personal Digital Assitants).
•Apple,​ the​ creators of​ iPod kept on​ improvising it,​ and thus many models of​ iPod have rocked the​ market.

The models of​ iPod categorized according to​ the​ chronological order.

First Generation iPods:

Initially the​ iPods were released with 5GB hard drive,​ but then later Apple increased their hard drive capacity to​ 10GB. These iPods have a​ scroll wheel with a​ select button in​ the​ middle. This device was a​ huge hit in​ the​ commercial market,​ but now they rarely exist due to​ the​ release of​ new models.

Second generation iPods:

These devices had a​ thicker body and they supported 20 GB hard drive. They were the​ first gadgets,​ which were compatible with the​ windows. They also sported cases and wired remotes.

Third generation iPods:

These iPods were thinner than the​ original versions,​ the​ 30 pin dock connector was introduced with this series. They also had touch sensitive buttons this attracted the​ masses to​ a​ great extent. And it​ did not have buttons surrounding the​ wheels and hanging parts.

Fourth generation iPods:

The only difference,​ the​ fourth generation iPods had over the​ others is​ the​ introduction of​ click wheels. They also sported the​ same monochrome screen. But it​ enabled the​ battery to​ be charged through the​ USB connection.

Color iPods:

As the​ name suggests these devices had a​ color screen and the​ ability to​ store and display JPEG,​ BMP,​ GIF,​ TIFF,​ and PNG images. They supported 65,​536 colors. They possessed the​ photo library and released accessories like iPod camera connector.

Fifth generation iPods:

They were developed to​ reduce minor audio effects so that the​ head phone does not deliver hard drive noise. They came in​ a​ wide variety of​ sizes,​ colors and hard drive capacities. They also supported features like the​ World Clock,​ Stopwatch,​ and Screen Lock applications. in​ addition,​ the​ earphones plug were smaller.

iPod mini:

The mini had a​ smaller structure and it​ resembled the​ earlier versions in​ its features. but it​ did not support third party accessories. They introduced micro-drive hard drive as​ the​ storage medium. the​ minis were futher improvised as​ the​ first generation and second generation devices. it​ had rich case colors and was a​ big hit in​ the​ market.

iPod shuffle:

Flash memory was introduced through these gadgets,​ but they did not have a​ screen so navigation of​ music files were a​ little difficult. But it​ has been reviewed as​ the​ best sounding audio device in​ comparison with the​ other models.

iPod nano:

iPod nano also had the​ flash memory but it​ came with a​ color display. it​ also included a​ number of​ features like world clock,​ stop watch and screen lock options.

Ipods Which Rock The World

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