Ipods The King Of Mp3 S

Ipods The King Of Mp3 S

iPods – the​ King Of MP3’s
Do you remember the​ days when if​ you wanted to​ listen to​ music,​ you had to​ plug in​ your stereo and hope that the​ power didn’t go out? Those days are long gone and there are now tons of​ devices that make it​ easy to​ take your music with you .​
I’m sure that some people still prefer their portable CD players,​ but almost everyone nowadays either already owns or​ has their eye on​ those spanking new mp3 players that are all the​ rage.
Mp3 players are much more lightweight than CD players,​ because they don’t require CDs .​
In fact,​ most of​ the​ top mp3 players allow you to​ download music directly to​ your mp3 players’ hard drive .​
This has drastically reduced the​ space requirements and today’s mp3 players can easily fit into a​ shirt or​ pants pocket .​
While many brands have their own versions of​ mp3 players,​ by far the​ most popular is​ undoubtedly the​ Apple iPod .​
Here’s why the​ iPod is​ so much ahead.
Mp3 players can be put into two categories; those which use flash memory and those which have a​ hard drive .​
The iPod Nano boasts an​ amazing 2GB of​ storage space,​ which translates to​ over 500 songs .​
The accompanying software is​ upgradeable so you don’t need to​ change mp3 players to​ keep up .​
You can fine tune the​ sound quality by using a​ number of​ equalizer presets and the​ device is​ compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.
You really see the​ iPod’s popularity though when you consider hard drive mp3 players .​
These typically have a​ much higher storage capacity than flash memory mp3 players and the​ iPod is​ no exception .​
Although much of​ the​ features are the​ same as​ its flash memory counterparts,​ iPod hard drive mp3 players top the​ scale with a​ whopping 30 GB of​ storage and the​ ability to​ recognize and play video files as​ well.
The amount of​ space offered,​ and the​ accompanying features,​ have put Apple’s mp3 players at​ the​ top of​ many consumers’ wish lists and the​ iPod continues to​ hold off challengers .​
High sales of​ Ipods have led to​ a​ jump in​ the​ associated market of​ iPod accessories .​
Think of​ a​ possible accessory,​ and it’s probable been made .​
Today’s iPod accessories comprise the​ typical headphones and rechargeable adapters,​ but there is​ some more creative fare .​
These iPod accessories include docking stations,​ speakers and LCD displays .​
Even the​ garment industry has jumped on​ the​ bandwagon and created iPod accessories in​ the​ form of​ special pockets for your iPod.

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