Ipods Cases For Ipods

Ipods Cases For Ipods

iPods cases for iPods
iPods have cornered the​ market in​ terms of​ trendy mp3 players and the​ latest,​ third generation,​ versions offer photograph and video options too .​
Then there is​ the​ 'iPod nano' and the​ 'iPod mini' and the​ 'iPod shuffle' too! These gadgets have remained popular for some time now and alongside the​ sale of​ iPods an​ industry has grown in​ accessories.
The biggest advantage of​ an​ iPod is​ its size and therefore the​ ability to​ take it​ with you wherever you go .​
However,​ this can cause problems as​ they are also quite delicate and the​ screen and case are prone to​ scratching,​ even during normal usage.
Therefore there is​ a​ whole market out there offering cases to​ protect your iPod from damage and to​ make it​ possible for you to​ take it​ literally anywhere .​
Most cases now come with a​ variety of​ options for straps and clips to​ make sure your iPod never leaves your side until you are ready to​ put it​ away.
Yes,​ I​ do mean socks - literally a​ sock fabric cover made to​ fit the​ different shapes and sizes of​ iPods .​
This makes a​ great iPod case They can be made of​ a​ cotton or​ wool knitted fabric .​
Apple does sell their own,​ in​ packs of​ six different colours,​ but there are other manufacturers too offering different styles .​
Nevertheless,​ the​ cheapest I​ have found was free - we​ took a​ pair of​ men's sports socks,​ cut off the​ foot and sewed up the​ end where the​ foot would have been! It was perfect and we​ got two iPod cases for virtually nothing!
Skins and Fabric
I'm not sure whether the​ fabric cases here shouldn't come under the​ 'socks' label,​ but having looked at​ various websites,​ there are some really wacky cases for iPods available,​ at​ a​ cost .​
the​ options should suit all tastes from pink and fluffy to​ textured and to​ practical plain Hotromz make the​ cases to​ fit all types of​ iPod available .​
More expensive than a​ sock but they do make an​ individual statement about the​ owner!
If standing out from the​ crowd is​ not your style,​ there are other fabric options available,​ such as​ tweed covered wallets that the​ iPod just slides into .​
However,​ if​ you wish to​ change anything,​ or​ look at​ the​ screen,​ you need to​ take the​ player out of​ the​ iPod case .​

Between fabric and 'skins' there is​ the​ 'Moshi' pouch .​
This is​ made from a​ special fabric,​ 'Terahedron' .​
the​ inside has microscopic filaments which helps clean your iPod by removing smears and fingerprints from the​ casing and the​ outside is​ water and dirt resistant .​
There is​ also an​ outer pocket for storing earphones .​
This iPod case is​ proving very popular and is​ not prohibitively expensive.
Skins are made from silicone rubber or​ orca-skin neoprene .​
the​ silicone variety provides a​ translucent skin so that you can still see the​ iPod inside .​
They have clear screen protectors too,​ so there is​ no need to​ remove the​ player from the​ iPod case to​ use it .​
Neoprene covers are best for those people who like to​ take their iPods when they are taking part in​ outdoor activities .​
Tough and strong,​ they are made to​ protect the​ iPod regardless of​ where you are .​
They still offer a​ clear view of​ the​ screen,​ but the​ cases often have shaped grips on​ the​ sides for easy handling .​
Some have a​ lid to​ protect the​ front and a​ pocket to​ store earphones .​

Leather cases for iPods are the​ most expensive option there is,​ but not always the​ most practical,​ leather iPod cases offer a​ very smart alternative to​ the​ brightly coloured neoprene or​ silicone skin,​ or​ the​ fabric versions .​
Some manufacturers offer the​ opportunity for you to​ have your initials printed on​ the​ iPod case,​ just to​ make sure no-one mistakes whose case it​ is​ .​
Leather iPod cases come in​ several different styles,​ such as​ one that looks like a​ notebook with a​ front flap,​ or​ there is​ one that has a​ flap that fixes over the​ top,​ like a​ purse .​
the​ ultimate and possibly the​ most expensive iPod case available is​ one made from ostrich leather!
Armbands and Sports Cases
The ultimate in​ portable cases for iPods with elasticised straps that have neoprene cases attached,​ ready for you to​ strap on​ your upper arm .​
This turns your iPod into the​ ideal partner to​ take to​ the​ gym where you can exercise whilst listening to​ your favourite music or​ other download .​

If you are not too keen on​ wearing it​ on​ your upper arm,​ a​ new variation is​ a​ case that slips on​ to​ your hand,​ which is​ easy to​ access if​ you wish to​ change whatever you are listening to​ .​
This style is​ most suited for those who want to​ exercise outdoors such as​ joggers or​ walkers.

Ipods Cases For Ipods

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