Ipod Workouts A Trainer You Can Take Anywhere

Ipod Workouts A Trainer You Can Take Anywhere

iPod Workouts - a​ Trainer You Can Take Anywhere
Yesterday I​ was riding in​ my truck .​
I​ went over a​ bridge that had some exceptionally quick and repetitive bumps .​
As I​ crossed this relatively short bridge and passed an​ uneventful point in​ my life something happened that has had me thinking for a​ full day now .​
I​ felt my belly jiggle .​
And when I​ looked down,​ I​ could sort of​ see it​ jiggle from under my shirt .​
I​ hated that .​

So,​ what do I​ do about it? Well,​ if​ I​ want to​ hop on​ some sort of​ bandwagon that may actually have the​ legs to​ make it​ into an​ actual established activity,​ I​ need look no further than in​ the​ front pocket of​ my backpack .​
What’s in​ there? Nothing short of​ a​ 20 gig powerhouse packed with nothing less than thousands of​ my favorite songs .​
Yes,​ its my well used ipod .​
I​ must confess that for the​ year or​ so that I’ve owned my ipod,​ the​ state of​ my belly has not improved,​ but seems to​ have actually deteriorated .​
But,​ that was before I​ began to​ hear about a​ new use for it​ (aside from bothering friends into listening to​ a​ song that will change their life).
Ipod workouts are yet another thing that this apple product is​ doing that no one expected .​
Obviously,​ a​ benefit while working out with your ipod is​ its mobility and its ability to​ absorb shocks that cd players can’t .​
But,​ the​ new fad of​ ipod workouts has taken that at​ least a​ step or​ two further .​
There have been several workout instructions that are now available to​ be purchased or​ downloaded .​
This is​ like getting yourself a​ personal trainer that will walk you through your workouts whenever and wherever your heart desires .​
Some of​ these can even come with images that can be displayed on​ your screen .​

The point is​ that at​ times one of​ the​ biggest obstacles in​ the​ way of​ you and a​ belly that doesn’t jiggle when going over bridges is​ knowing what to​ do during your workout and having the​ motivation to​ do so; and both of​ these may be significally minimized by using an​ ipod workout.

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