Ipod Unlimited

Ipod Unlimited

iPod Unlimited
When the​ first iPod was launched,​ nobody had imagined that it​ would be such a​ hit .​
a​ brain child of​ Tony Fadell,​ it​ was first conceived to​ provide a​ better version of​ an​ MP3 player .​
After being turned down by RealNetworks and Phillips,​ Fadell found support for his project with Apple .​
Tony Fadell went to​ work for Apple as​ an​ independent contractor,​ leading a​ team of​ thirty people to​ develop the​ new MP3 player.
The result was the​ launch of​ iPod in​ October 2001 .​
With the​ growing popularity,​ iPod evolved real fast as​ a​ device .​
In just nine years it​ has incarnated in​ more than 30 formats plus special editions and color variations.
A creation which was primarily invented for music,​ has now become a​ full fledged device supporting photos,​ videos,​ movies,​ games and calendars .​
It is​ no longer just a​ digital audio player,​ but an​ easy to​ use,​ portable device in​ which one can store any digital data file.
Along with the​ iPod,​ sites offering music downloads for iPods also emerged and grew .​
Soon,​ there were sites offering not just music,​ but also movies,​ videos and other downloads .​
The need for the​ downloading software obviously shot up and this was another great market to​ explore .​
Today,​ there are a​ number of​ sites offering iPod downloads and downloading softwares.
Now the​ main USP for these sites is​ speed and convenience without compromising on​ the​ quality .​
It is​ difficult to​ find a​ site which offers all these three plus the​ software.
iPod Download sites generally have a​ wide range of​ music,​ videos,​ TV shows and sports events .​
It works on​ the​ P2P technology and thus gives the​ user a​ wide range of​ files to​ select from .​
What's more? They also provide the​ software for downloading it​ to​ the​ iPod as​ well as​ burn it​ into a​ compact disc .​
Thus,​ you get the​ privilege carrying your favorites wherever you go and watching it​ anyway you like - on​ your computer,​ or​ your home theatre system,​ your iPod or​ burn a​ CD.
A lot of​ us prefer to​ get a​ first hand experience and not just blindly follow reviews,​ me being one of​ them .​
I​ suggest you check out a​ few sites for yourself when it​ comes to​ downloading speed and quality .​
Most sites offer DVD quality downloads which is​ sharp,​ clear and complete,​ the​ entire process takes just a​ couple of​ minutes.
The power of​ iPod is​ unlimited .​
Explore and enjoy it​ to​ the​ fullest.

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