Ipod Movies A Cinema In Your Hands

iPod Movies - a​ Cinema In Your Hands
Did you ever see that movie with Sir Anthony Hopkins when he was a​ primatologist and he was doing work out in​ the​ jungle when he befriended a​ group of​ silverbacks? Well,​ what happens is​ that these bastard gorilla poachers come by and attack the​ group .​
What do you know but,​ the​ gorillas and Hopkins(!) fight back and kill a​ couple of​ the​ poachers .​
He goes to​ an​ insane asylum and the​ great silverback goes to​ the​ zoo .​
Mind you,​ this thing was fierce and desired freedom more than any star and stripe waving,​ apple pie eating red-stater could even fathom .​
But,​ once he’s in​ the​ zoo for so long,​ when they finally open his cage,​ he’s too broken to​ attempt to​ walk out .​
Well,​ that’s like me .​
Blinking is​ sometimes too much effort.
But,​ just today I​ ran across something that has put the​ glimmer back in​ my eye .​
If you like movies and you ave an​ ipod photo,​ then let’s talk .​
Ipod movies are now within the​ reach of​ us serfs and peasants,​ albeit with a​ little work .​
Because,​ the​ fact of​ the​ matter is,​ ipod movies are not in​ the​ realm of​ ipod photo,​ no,​ basically it’s for photos .​
But some tenacity and a​ desire to​ watch oddly paced,​ effort draining clips and you’ve got yourself a​ movie night.
You’ll need to​ get yourself set up with quicktime pro,​ itunes and your ipod,​ of​ course .​
Now you’re going to​ take your movie,​ I​ would probably start with something short,​ like those clips you download from the​ internet .​
Get it​ in​ your computer and export the​ clip .​
Put the​ sound in​ your itunes,​ and then (here’s the​ great part) put all the​ thousands of​ individual frames in​ your ipod photo .​
Now you get the​ volume rolling and use the​ click wheel to​ scroll through all the​ frames…and you are watching ipod movies my friend .​
Technology is​ beautiful,​ take advantage,​ man,​ take advantage.

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