Ipod Games Announcing 24 Hr Entertainment

iPod Games - Announcing 24 HR Entertainment
The bad news is​ that you’re a​ geek .​
the​ good news,​ however,​ is​ that you acknowledge it,​ accept it​ and even embrace a​ little bit .​
In other related,​ potentially good news(stories),​ I​ am also a​ geek; so we​ can probably hang out .​
But,​ what else does that mean? It means a​ couple of​ things .​
First off,​ if​ you ever have a​ Maxim in​ your hands,​ your reading the​ technology section,​ fore sure .​
Second off,​ you will be turning right to​ the​ games review section as​ soon as​ you’re finished with the​ tech stuff .​
And finally,​ it​ means that you combine both of​ these passions by playing games on​ your ipod .​
Embrace it.
What are you playing though? Classics for sure .​
And a​ classic game section wouldn’t be complete without brick .​
This well known game,​ with the​ forgettable name,​ is​ the​ one where you slide a​ paddle at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ screen to​ bounce a​ ball towards the​ top to​ knock out all the​ bricks,​ hence the​ name.
Up next is​ parachute,​ where you finally get to​ kill something human,​ probably you can transfer any anger that you have towards all the​ people that used to​ beat you up in​ school…giving them their just deserves,​ in​ the​ form of​ a​ 20 caliber bullet through the​ head .​

The classic ipod games motif keeps on​ rolling here,​ except this time the​ game doesn’t try to​ hide what it​ thinks of​ your social skills,​ but rather puts everything out in​ the​ open with the​ title,​ solitaire .​
You know how to​ play,​ so I​ won’t waste your time and add further salt in​ this wound .​
Honestly,​ how many times have you won in​ your life? Lots,​ I​ bet.
Then the​ ipod games start to​ mix things up a​ little bit .​
Lastly you can try your ear at​ Music Quiz,​ which weighs in​ as​ the​ only ipod game name that is​ more lamentable than brick .​
But,​ the​ point isn’t to​ critique the​ name,​ its to​ make sure you’re not just listening to​ the​ radio hits,​ by selecting a​ song from your library and giving you 5 options to​ name the​ tune…hey,​ that’d be a​ decent name!
The point is​ you don’t have to​ just wait until you get home to​ your PS2 for the​ ultimate in​ hand-eye electronic death battles…do it​ right now,​ while you’re waiting for your blind date to​ how up.

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