Ipod Eco System

Ipod Eco System

Technology is​ no longer stand alone innovations. When Apple releases IPOD variations or​ innovations,​ it​ energizes many different corporations. They design and market accessories like cases,​ rechargers,​ car adaptors,​ docking stations and more.

It is​ like a​ tango as​ and when Apple introduces temptations many satellite industries gear up to​ simultaneously make available for the​ consumer accessories. in​ fact analysis by NPD group reveals that for every US$3 million spent on​ IPODS a​ minimum of​ US$ 1 million is​ spent on​ accessories.

A whole chain has been created. There are accessory makers,​ designers,​ advertisers,​ marketing gurus,​ and retailers. And for most,​ accessories fill the​ till better than the​ IPODs themselves as​ profit margins are greater. it​ is​ not a​ one way street where satellite industries reap all the​ goodies. With racks filled with add-ons for IPODS,​ marketing campaigns,​ reviews,​ and demos Apple benefits by the​ creation of​ the​ “ultimate” image of​ greatness. the​ eco system creates a​ hype placing Apples IPOD as​ the​ “coolest” ever.

The range is​ huge,​ from simple cases priced from US$10-US$200 to​ speakers,​ transmitters,​ docking stations,​ baby strollers with a​ specialized slot for the​ IPOD,​ a​ belt with a​ buckle designed as​ an​ IPOD holder. For those with money to​ spend there are massage chairs with an​ IPOD holder in​ the​ armrest,​ customized speakers with glowing tubes and see through panels,​ as​ well as​ boom boxes.

As far as​ businesses are concerned it​ is​ a​ complete phenomenon with one small product leading to​ the​ creation of​ a​ whole industry or​ world. Unlike past successes like superman or​ Barbie dolls or​ the​ success of​ Disney land Apple has refrained from offering “complete” packages themselves. the​ accessory manufacturing remains small.

The business model or​ plan until now was not the​ creation of​ a​ single entity or​ exclusive partnership but an​ open system where many industries can vie for a​ slice of​ the​ Apple “gold dust”. But the​ balance is​ shifting and Apple is​ offering options like “Made for IPOD” logos in​ return for a​ royalty.

IPOD has not just inspired accessories but changes in​ simple things like clocks with snooze mechanisms. Now such clocks have been modified so that they can be easily paired with the​ IPOD. Then there are headphones,​ ear phones,​ beach bags,​ as​ well as​ clothes with IPOD pockets. Now in​ 2006 cars will be sold with IPOD facilities. the​ IPOD world seems to​ expand and there are no signs of​ slowing down at​ all.

The IPOD ecosystem is​ fast growing and is​ a​ multibillion dollar industry world wide. No one would have dreamed that a​ simple no frills digital player would spawn entrepreneurs world wide and since the​ “Bata” module the​ Apple IPOD has taken the​ center stage to​ create a​ business model where along with Apple thousand others taste sweet success.

Ipod Eco System

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