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Ipod Car Adapters
I spend well over two hours per day driving to​ and from school .​
Since I​ can't afford to​ live on​ campus,​ there's really nothing else I​ can do to​ shorten my commute .​
I've pretty much resigned myself to​ this routine,​ so at​ this point I'm just looking for a​ way to​ make my time in​ the​ car more productive .​
When I​ brought this up to​ a​ friend of​ mine,​ he gave me a​ fantastic idea: I​ should review my class lectures while sitting in​ traffic .​
I record all my class lectures on​ my iPod,​ so all I'd need to​ do is​ buy an​ iPod car adapter in​ order to​ listen to​ these recordings as​ I'm driving to​ school .​
This would definitely be a​ great use of​ the​ time,​ and would help me get in​ some extra preparation for quizzes and exams .​
I actually wanted to​ buy an​ iPod car adapter a​ long time ago,​ but was kind of​ put off by the​ expense .​
My only income is​ from a​ work-study job on​ campus,​ and it​ doesn't pay that much at​ all .​
But my friend told me not to​ give up because there are a​ few different ways of​ getting iPod car adapters for less than retail price .​
For example,​ I​ could always buy used instead of​ new .​
All I'd have to​ do is​ check an​ online auction website or​ maybe put up a​ notice on​ the​ school's bulletin boards to​ see if​ anyone has one they want to​ sell .​
Another option would be to​ look around for a​ website that sells iPod car adapters and accessories at​ discount prices .​
I​ know there are lots of​ reputable online retailers that sell electronic goods for far less than Best Buy or​ Circuit City,​ so it​ shouldn't really be a​ problem finding a​ good deal on​ this particular product.
Once I​ get my iPod car adapter,​ I'll be able to​ do more than just listen to​ class lectures .​
I'll also be able to​ listen to​ audiobooks,​ podcasts,​ memos to​ myself (such as​ shopping lists and other reminders),​ and of​ course,​ my entire music library .​
My two-hour commute will fly by,​ and I'll be more productive than ever.
I've got a​ paycheck coming at​ the​ end of​ next week,​ so hopefully I'll have a​ line on​ cheap iPod car adapters by then .​
It's hard to​ believe I've gone this long without one; fortunately,​ that will all change soon enough!

Ipod Car Adapters 10

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