Ipod Car Accessories Take Your Tunes For A Ride

Ipod Car Accessories Take Your Tunes For A Ride

Now that you have an​ iPod that is​ fully loaded with your favorite music you can take it​ with you where ever you go. That is​ the​ beauty of​ an​ iPod small and very potable. With an​ iPod you can listen to​ your tunes while working out at​ the​ gym,​ working in​ the​ yard,​ or​ taking a​ walk.

How about listening to​ your iPod in​ the​ car? Listening to​ your iPod while driving using a​ head set can lead to​ a​ dangerous situation. With your favorite song cranked up you will not be able to​ hear anything around you.

Are there iPod car accessories that will allow you to​ safely listen to​ your tunes in​ your car? Yes there are,​ two such iPod car accessories are the​ car mount and the​ FM transmitter and car dock.

Car Mount

An iPod car mount is​ an​ adjustable iPod holder that firmly attaches to​ the​ louvers of​ the​ vents located on​ the​ dashboard. This holder is​ easily removed which allows for the​ user to​ reposition the​ device. in​ addition,​ because of​ the​ mobility that this device offers,​ this iPod car accessory can be transferred to​ other vehicles. Also,​ because the​ device is​ attached to​ the​ vent,​ there is​ no need for installation tools or​ damage to​ be done to​ the​ interior of​ the​ vehicle.

In addition to​ being easy to​ use,​ minimize the​ distraction element for the​ driver. the​ iPod car mount will securely hold the​ iPod and prevent the​ device from falling. Also,​ the​ iPod display will be close to​ eye level which will aid the​ user in​ viewing the​ screen.

Some of​ the​ new high end cars now offer a​ built in​ car dock for your iPod. the​ car dock is​ integrated with the​ car’s audio system so that when an​ iPod is​ docked it​ will play the​ songs from the​ iPod. What if​ I don’t own a​ car that has an​ integrated iPod dock? Not a​ problem,​ consider the​ FM transmitter and car dock.

FM Transmitter and Car Dock

The FM transmitter car dock plugs into the​ car’s cigarette lighter. the​ car dock has a​ slot that fits into the​ iPod’s data connector. While connected the​ car dock will charge the​ iPod. the​ car dock mounts on​ your dashboard or​ center console. the​ car dock holds your iPod securely in​ place so that the​ iPod will not slide across the​ seat when making a​ sharp turn.

The car dock also connects to​ the​ iPod’s headphone jack. the​ dock contains a​ mini FM transmitter. the​ FM transmitter can be adjusted as​ to​ which ‘station’ it​ will broadcast on. Before you head out on​ your trip,​ find an​ empty FM station on​ your radio and then adjust the​ FM transmitter to​ broadcast on​ that frequency. Tune your car radio to​ the​ same frequency and you are now able to​ listen to​ your tunes that are stored on​ your iPod.

What good is​ having an​ iPod if​ you cannot listen to​ your music whenever and where ever you go? With these iPod car accessories you can safely listen to​ your music while driving in​ your car.

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