Ipod As The Most Popular Mp3 Mp4 Player

Ipod As The Most Popular Mp3 Mp4 Player

Ipod As the​ Most Popular Mp3 Mp4 Player
This is​ an​ mp3 / mp4 player that music lovers acknowledge the​ most in​ the​ modern time .​
US-based Apple,​ one among the​ largest producers of​ computers,​ notebooks and computer hardware and software,​ introduced iPod in​ 2001 with a​ single model for the​ international music market .​
Apple kept on​ introducing new iPods for each generation .​
The latest one is​ the​ iPod 5G .​
Apple also came up with two different variants: the​ iPod Shuffle (without digital display),​ the​ iPod Nano (the smaller version of​ iPod) .​
Recently,​ Apple came up with the​ new-generation of​ iPod,​ the​ iPhone that integrates the​ conventional MP3 and video player with an​ internet ready mobile phone.
This article compares each iPod by its special features .​
One of​ the​ most popular model is​ the​ iPod 5G that comes with 30 or​ 80 GB storage capacity .​
It is​ not just an​ mp3 / mp4 player,​ you can store,​ view and share complete music videos,​ movies,​ podcasts,​ play games,​ share photos,​ playback music and videos,​ connect to​ a​ video output device,​ and much more .​
It can play your favorite music for up to​ 20 hours as​ this iPod boasts of​ higher battery life .​

The iPod Nano has many of​ the​ same features as​ the​ full-size iPod,​ but with much lesser storage capacity .​
It comes in​ 2 GB,​ 4 GB and 8 GB models .​
It has up to​ 24 hours of​ battery life and is​ comparatively lighter and smaller .​
It also suffers from some limitations; the​ iPod Nano doesn't support voice recording and media storage via third-party peripherals .​
iPod Nano is​ a​ great mp3 player for people who would just like to​ listen to​ audio files.

Apple's most-pocket friendly iPod is​ iPod Shuffle .​
It offers a​ host of​ advantages: it's affordable for everyone; its sound quality is​ as​ good as​ that of​ any other iPod; it​ has flash memory rather than a​ hard drive; and it's really portable .​
However,​ the​ disadvantage is​ that it​ doesn't include a​ screen for steering up to​ specific songs .​
It has a​ limited storage capacity,​ 512 MB to​ maximum 1 GB .​
So it's good for those who want to​ be in​ fashion,​ yet can compromise on​ memory space .​
But the​ size of​ this mp3 player is​ so small that you can easily clip it​ to​ your clothes.
With digital music being in-vogue,​ many portable jukeboxes hit the​ market,​ since Apple kick-started the​ music revolution of​ our time .​
Other portable MP3 and MP4 players,​ besides iPod,​ are available in​ the​ entertainment world of​ mp3 / mp4 players .​
There are many Chinese,​ Korean and Japanese brands manufacturing low cost players in​ bulk .​
These are much cheaper,​ but have their own set of​ advantages and disadvantages .​
The fact remains that iPods are the​ most popular among all,​ and hold the​ biggest share of​ this market .​
There are enough iPod users in​ the​ market and a​ lot of​ new things are getting developed around iPods.
Some people just can't do without their iPods,​ from jogging time to​ bed time .​
It sticks to​ their ears .​
Obviously,​ the​ battery drains out of​ the​ device .​
The latest buzz is​ that Andrew Schneider,​ a​ student from New York University,​ is​ exploring a​ solar-powered bikini that can charge iPods .​
Yes,​ it​ is​ true! the​ bikini will soak up the​ sun rays thru photovoltaic film strips .​
That means,​ while the​ iPod user is​ getting a​ sun tan,​ his mp3 / mp4 player is​ also getting a​ charge of​ 6.5 volts of​ solar power .​
iPod has become a​ very desired mp3 / mp4 player around the​ world .​
iPod player just seems to​ be ahead of​ its competitors .​
Not just by delivering good quality products,​ but also in​ providing new solutions for eager electronic consumers .​
Let’s just wait what will be next in​ the​ iPod revolution.

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