Iphone Software Downloads

Iphone Software Downloads
Apple have continued along the​ lines of​ the​ Ipod,​ this time with the​ Iphone .​
This latest evolution of​ Apple technology works as​ a​ cellphone,​ music player,​ movie player and will even give you​ internet access .​
The Iphone really has given people a​ taste of​ the​ technology of​ the​ future,​ especially taken into account the​ software downloads.
Apple have recently decreed that they will not be allowing any third party organisations produce software for the​ Iphone .​
Instead they intend to​ create all software themselves,​ and the​ third party guys are going to​ be limited to​ the​ production of​ peripherals .​
Be that as​ it​ may,​ the​ Iphone software has already been compromised by enterprising hackers,​ and it's now possible to​ buy software over the​ net which will allow the​ Iphone to​ be used on​ cell networks other than the​ ones intended by Apple .​
This is​ a​ mixed blessing for Iphone owners,​ as​ it​ does allow greater freedom with price plans etc,​ but Apple have already unequivocally stated that these adjustments will instantly invalidate the​ warranty on​ your Iphone.
Apple are expected to​ announce an​ update to​ the​ Iphone software over the​ next few month .​
It is​ thought that the​ main purpose of​ this update is​ to​ close the​ backdoor which the​ hackers have been using to​ unlock the​ firmware on​ these early versions .​
The other main feature of​ the​ update is​ expected to​ be compatibility with the​ Itunes software,​ enabling Iphone owners to​ download media directly from the​ internet,​ something that has been possible with other cellphones for some years now.
Apple have announced plans to​ continually update the​ Iphone software and interface,​ and to​ make these updated available regularly,​ as​ a​ free download over the​ internet .​
It's thought that the​ main reason for these frequent updates is​ to​ keep the​ hackers out of​ the​ system,​ but in​ all likelihood it​ will only result in​ a​ similar situation to​ Sony's PSP,​ with certain models being more sought after due to​ having hackable firmware .​
This has resulted in​ a​ game of​ back and forth between Sony and the​ hackers,​ and is​ probably the​ kind of​ scenario Apple will find themselves in​ over the​ coming months.
For any Iphone owner,​ life will only get more exciting as​ more and more exciting software developments are announced and implemented for this amazing piece of​ technology.

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