Ipaq Software Brings The Pocket Pc To Life

iPaq Software Brings the​ Pocket PC to​ Life
The iPAQ software brings the​ essential functionality to​ Hewlett Packard PDAs or​ pocket PCs .​
It is​ what let’s PDA users send and receive text messages .​
These are composed of​ Microsoft Word Mobile files and the​ preparation of​ Microsoft Excel Mobile charts .​
The iPaq users can also browse Microsoft PowerPoint presentations; they just can’t edit or​ make them on​ their pocket PCs
This software also makes it​ possible to: retrieve e-mail,​ keep track of​ appointments and schedules and even surf the​ Internet .​
There are even capabilities to​ enables users to​ track sales and check inventory.
With the​ iPaq software you​ can also download third-party software like e-books,​ games,​ maps or​ business software .​
This truly makes the​ IPaq a​ valuable source of​ information .​
The iPAQ uses the​ Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition to​ perform these powerful and varied functions .​
Much more than the​ earlier versions.
The HP iPaq rx1950,​ which is​ the​ latest in​ the​ iPAQ series,​ incorporates the​ latest Windows Mobile 5 operating system,​ which is​ even more powerful .​
It includes updates of​ Word,​ Outlook,​ Excel,​ Internet Explorer,​ and PowerPoint files .​
Further,​ the​ OS comes with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile and can play all the​ major audio and video file formats,​ including MP3,​ WMA,​ and WMV.
Besides Windows Mobile software,​ the​ iPAQ also use HP's Image Zone software .​
This software is​ used to​ display images and set up slide shows .​
HP also provides HP Protect Tools to​ protect data stored on​ the​ iPAQ with a​ password or​ a​ PIN number.
The other software that HP provides is​ Task Switcher,​ iPAQ Audio,​ and a​ couple of​ games.
Need a​ travel guide? the​ iPAQ GPS software is​ can be installed on​ iPAQs that have GPS hardware .​
This software turns iPAQ into your own handheld travel guides .​
IPAQ users can navigate roads like a​ just like a​ local in​ all parts of​ the​ US and Canada .​
The software not only shows the​ shortest route to​ reach a​ destination but also keeps informing the​ user of​ the​ distance left and the​ estimated time of​ arrival .​
It even re-routes the​ user if​ a​ turn is​ missed.
Yesterday’s PDAs ere just organizational tools but today’s iPAQ can perform scores of​ tasks beyond keeping schedules,​ appointments and tracking expenses .​
Things that were just a​ dream a​ few years ago have become a​ reality today,​ thanks to​ having the​ right kind of​ software.
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