Invigorate Your Damaged Hair With Split Ends Prevention Tips

Invigorate Your Damaged Hair With Split Ends Prevention Tips
Hot air and dry weather makes your hair loose its moisture and become brittle. the​ worst condition to​ every girl’s eye is​ the​ occurrence of​ split ends on​ hair.
Split ends generally mean the​ splitting of​ hair fiber. it​ happens when the​ protective portion of​ the​ hair called cuticle,​ gets damaged. They can occur anywhere on​ the​ hair shaft,​ but mostly they are seen on​ the​ tips of​ the​ hair.
First of​ all it​ is​ important for​ one to​ understand what causes the​ hair ends to​ split. There are various causes of​ split end in​ hair. Over dispensation of​ the​ hair with gels,​ chemicals etc. and brushing the​ hair harshly can cause split ends on​ hair. Using a​ brush on​ wet hair or​ combing the​ hair with uneven teeth in​ combs can also harm the​ hair. Coloring the​ hair often,​ also damages them.
Split ends stop hair growth and result in​ broken hair. you​ can make your hair glossy and grow longer by simply following a​ certain tips on​ hair care to​ prevent split ends and broken hair. to​ keep your split ends in​ check,​ you​ do no require going to​ a​ salon every week. Fashion and beauty industry has invented certain home remedies for​ treating your dry and damaged hair.
Follow the​ subsequent hair care tips to​ rejuvenate your broken hair.
•Split ends once occurred cannot be repaired. They have to​ be removed. Take small sections of​ hair and twirl them gently in​ a​ downward motion. the​ split ends will automatically split out. Then carefully shear the​ split ends with a​ sharp scissors. Be cautious while removing the​ damaged cuticles and do not cut the​ thick layer.
•Make a​ proteinshake recipe. Mix 2 tablespoons of​ soy protein powder with a​ cup of​ milk,​ ¼ cup of​ fresh fruits in​ a​ blender. Make a​ smooth paste. Apply this paste on​ your hair once a​ week to​ silken them.
•Do not go in​ to​ the​ open heat without covering your hair.
•Take a​ balanced diet.
•Drink plenty of​ water.
•Trim your hair at​ regular intervals.
•Do no forget to​ apply a​ conditioner after shampooing your hair.
•Massage the​ scalp with warm oil at​ least twice or​ thrice a​ week.
•Using mayonnaise or​ beer on​ your hair can add up to​ the​ lost moisture.
•Do not use a​ brush on​ wet hair. Use a​ wide toothed comb instead.
A variety of​ hair care products are also available in​ the​ market. Shop around and select an appropriate product for​ treating your damaged and broken hair.
Healthy hair adds grace to​ your beauty. Take good care of​ your hair to​ avoid the​ occurrence of​ split ends. Follow the​ split ends prevention tips and enjoy having long silky hair.

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