Internet Provider Connection Software Why

Internet Provider Connection Software - Why?

As a​ computer technician I​ encounter many misconceptions about computers .​
Internet provider software is​ one that is​ often misunderstood .​
Internet service providers often give customers the​ false impression that their software is​ necessary to​ connect to​ the​ internet .​
If you​ are one of​ these folks,​ you​ may be asking yourself what other impressions your cheap Internet service provider is​ giving you.

Do I​ need software to​ connect to​ the​ Internet?

Absolutely not .​
The Windows operating system provides all the​ networking software needed to​ connect to​ the​ Internet and most other types of​ networks for that matter .​
Some ISPs require that their branded software be installed to​ connect to​ their service .​
This required software is​ used by the​ service provider to​ capture your attention for the​ purpose of​ showing you​ advertisements and the​ ISPs own focused content.
Usually when you​ click to​ connect to​ one of​ these service providers your browser opens and you​ are bombarded with ads while the​ home page loads .​
You may be able to​ customize the​ content posted on​ the​ home page to​ your liking,​ but lets face facts,​ you​ have become a​ captive audience and you​ are being taken for a​ ride.

What does the​ Internet Service Providers software do?

Internet access provider software does 2 things immediately on​ install .​
First it​ hijacks your Windows connection software so that it​ can not be used to​ connect to​ any other service provider .​
Usually other Windows network services are also disabled,​ such as​ Internet connection sharing .​
Second,​ it​ hijacks your web browser so that you​ must log on​ to​ their home page,​ which I​ find ironic since internet service providers are always warning us about spyware that hijacks your browser.

The perpetrators of​ this type of​ hijacking is​ a​ list of​ the​ most popular service providers .​
You know them as,​ AOL,​ NetZero,​ EarthLink,​ PeoplePC,​ AT&T,​ Netscape.. .​
and the​ list goes on​ .​
AOL being the​ ring leader and takes control of​ your computer beyond the​ extreme to​ the​ point of​ being criminal .​
All of​ these service providers prefer to​ hijack the​ Internet Explorer browser because all Windows users have it​ installed and it​ is​ easy to​ build software for .​
But most can also be used with Netscape or​ Firefox.

So what is​ the​ alternative?

Simply contact a​ service provider and ask them if​ internet connection software is​ required to​ use their service .​
Not all Internet service providers require that you​ install connection software and are very willing to​ help you​ set up your Windows connection .​

While doing research for this article,​ I​ expected to​ find price to​ be a​ factor in​ the​ connection software equation .​
ISPs that require connection software obviously make money force feeding you​ advertisements,​ allowing them to​ offer lower rates .​
To my surprise that does not appear to​ be the​ most important factor in​ setting price .​
I​ found that bandwidth has more affect in​ determining rates.

So,​ escape from the​ hijackers .​
There are many national Internet service providers out there that don't require that you​ be held hostage to​ pop up ads and stale content .​
Search the​ Internet for ISPs,​ do your homework and you​ will find the​ freedom to​ surf the​ web the​ way you​ deserve.

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