Interior Decorating And Home Decor With Native American Indian Art

Interior Decorating And Home Decor With Native American Indian Art

Since there has been a​ trend in​ recent years towards more earthy color tones for​ interior decorating, Native American Indian art can fit in​ nicely as​ part of​ home decor. Most subjects used in​ Native American Indian art tend to​ be focused on​ nature whether the pieces are prints, carvings or​ pottery. Colors tend to​ be earthy shades of​ browns, reds, blacks and​ yellows since the main​ raw materials are wood as​ in​ carvings from the Pacific Northwest region​ and​ clay from the Southwest. Even painted wood carvings or​ pottery tend to​ have natural colors often found in​ nature such as​ greens and​ blues. All of​ these colors work well with the more natural styles of​ interior decorating today.

The Pacific Northwest region​ which covers the states of​ Oregon, Washington, British Columbia (Canada) and​ the southern part of​ Alaska, produces some excellent Native American Indian art in​ the form of​ wood carvings. this​ is​ not surprising since the Pacific Northwest is​ abundant with forests which have provided the wood as​ raw material for​ the region’s Native American Indian art. The wood is​ sometimes painted in​ striking colors or​ just stained with natural looking browns. Either way, such pieces fit in​ perfectly in​ rooms with earthy color tones. I have seen walls of​ living rooms, bedrooms, office den rooms, hallways and​ even bathrooms enhanced with Pacific Northwest Indian art in​ the form of​ both prints and​ wood plaque carvings. The Pacific Northwest Native American artists also make some of​ the most striking aboriginal masks in​ the world which are also suitable for​ hanging on​ walls.

Native American Indian art as​ home decor helps bring in​ an​ atmosphere of​ nature in​ the overall interior decorating of​ a​ room. this​ is​ because of​ their natural colors and​ also their subject matters which tend to​ be animals such as​ eagles, bears, thunderbirds, killer whales and​ salmons. Pacific Northwest Native art in​ particular gives homes in​ that region​ a​ local flavor. Many homes in​ this​ part of​ North America have this​ type of​ artwork as​ part of​ interior decorating. this​ style of​ Native American Indian art is​ still relatively unknown to​ many parts of​ North America and​ the rest of​ the world so for​ homes outside of​ the Pacific Northwest region, a​ nice wood carving can be seen as​ exotic treasure brought back from a​ homeowner's travels. Check out some examples of​ Pacific Northwest Indian art either in​ a​ gallery or​ online and​ imagine how a​ piece or​ two can be part of​ your​ home's interior decorating.

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