Integrating Act With Other Office Software

Integrating ACT! With Other Office Software
ACT! is​ a​ diverse CRM software solution that will keep excellent track of​ your customer data .​
On top of​ that integrating ACT! with other office software is​ no problem at​ all.
Most of​ us use either Microsoft Outlook as​ our email package because it​ is​ more than that .​
Microsoft Outlook as​ a​ calendar,​ contact list,​ and to​ do list attached to​ it​ but it’s not the​ greatest for managing customer relationships .​
That’s the​ reason why ACT! delivers a​ very robust integration with outlook.
ACT! and Microsoft Outlook work hand with ACT! allowing you​ to​ integrate your calendars,​ contacts,​ and email capturing all of​ your information to​ be captured in​ ACT! .​
You can readily and easily use information between these programs which creates a​ seamless system for book appointments,​ scheduling call backs,​ or​ replying to​ emails with data stored in​ the​ ACT! database.
ACT! also integrates nicely with other office programs such as​ Microsoft Word and Excel .​
That means that you​ can quickly pull information into word .​
For example perhaps you​ are doing up a​ Christmas newsletter,​ you​ could incorporate all the​ mailing addresses stored in​ ACT! in​ minutes .​
No laborious work here.
Same goes for Excel .​
We often use Excel to​ deal with financial information,​ perhaps projections,​ or​ markup scenarios .​
What ever you​ reason for pulling data into Excel ACT! does it​ seamlessly.
For your sales staff ACT! allows them to​ tract not just sales that have occurred but sales opportunities and all from that initial inquiry .​
You can filter this information by what products they were interest in,​ what date they purchased,​ the​ order status,​ the​ amount of​ the​ sales,​ and a​ host of​ other variables .​
Basically you​ can pull what ever information your criteria sets .​
If you​ collect it​ you​ can request it​ back in​ a​ very usable format.
If you’d like to​ see what’s going on​ at​ a​ glance you​ can pull your information into Excel and use the​ graphing capabilities .​
There are also some graphing capabilities in​ the​ ACT! report writer.
If you​ have critical data that you​ need to​ be able to​ have staff access remotely then you’ll want the​ mobile solutions which will let them hook up with their cellular phone,​ Blackberry,​ or​ PDF .​
What they can remotely access can be determined by management or​ the​ IT department and then it​ can be configured accordingly.
You might also want to​ explore the​ ACT! accounting integration options which give you​ real time access to​ your customers and vendors .​
You can effortlessly find the​ information you​ need in​ seconds.
Integrating ACT! with other office software is​ not that difficult .​
It comes ready to​ integrate with many of​ the​ Microsoft Office programs .​
It also has several of​ its own add on​ modules.
Some of​ the​ add on​ modules that are available include addressing,​ shipping,​ document management project management,​ sales management,​ email,​ direct mail marketing,​ and a​ host of​ others.
What are you​ waiting for? Isn’t the​ time to​ ACT! now? After all it’s a​ competitive world out there and you​ want to​ stay ahead of​ your pact don’t you? Whatever you​ need to​ do this is​ a​ program that can do it.

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