Installing And Uninstalling Computer Software

Installing And Uninstalling Computer Software

Installing And Uninstalling Computer Software
Computer software has come a​ long way from the​ floppy disks we used to​ use where you​ had to​ tell the​ program to​ run the​ install and it​ was impossible to​ get rid of​ it​ once you​ had it​ loaded .​
Now with the​ new technology we have computer software can be installed and uninstalled with ease .​
All you​ have to​ do is​ have the​ CD or​ access to​ the​ software you​ are going to​ download .​
There are three ways to​ install software.
First,​ if​ you​ have the​ disc you​ just load it​ into the​ CD drive and let the​ computer auto load the​ program .​
More often,​ your computer will have an​ install wizard pop up and ask you​ questions about the​ install .​
the​ second way you​ may have to​ install the​ program is​ by going to​ the​ Start Menu .​
on​ the​ Start Menu,​ you​ will click on​ the​ run option then type in​ the​ location of​ the​ program or​ click browse .​
Browse will usually allow you​ to​ find the​ CD location and open the​ program .​
you​ will need to​ look for the​ setup.exe file and open it​ to​ start the​ download .​
the​ third option for installing computer software is​ not having the​ disc .​
Some companies will allow you​ to​ purchase the​ computer software directly from the​ Internet .​
These downloads will allow you​ to​ click on​ the​ download button,​ click run,​ and have the​ program go through the​ installation wizard all without a​ disc .​
This way is​ one of​ the​ easiest ways to​ get the​ computer software you​ need downloaded.
When you​ are looking at​ uninstalling software,​ you​ will also have a​ couple of​ options .​
There are programs that promise to​ remove software by downloading it .​
This means you​ can get rid of​ programs that you​ never wanted on​ your computer like the​ AOL and other items computers come with when they are purchased .​
This is​ the​ last option you​ may wish to​ go through .​
It will actually take all information off the​ hard drive .​
the​ simplest way to​ remove computer programs from your computer is​ using the​ program in​ your control panel .​
Go to​ the​ Start Menu,​ select settings and then click on​ the​ control panel .​
in​ the​ control panel,​ you​ will find an​ option for removing or​ adding programs .​

When you​ open up the​ option you​ will just have to​ click on​ the​ item you​ want uninstalled and click on​ remove .​
the​ process usually asks you​ to​ close the​ program and ask if​ you​ want a​ complete un- installation of​ the​ computer software .​
the​ process can take several minutes or​ a​ few seconds depending on​ the​ file size .​
the​ last option for uninstalling computer software is​ using the​ actual installation disc .​
you​ will find that most programs have a​ built in​ uninstall program to​ help you​ remove the​ entire program from the​ computer .​

You may need to​ uninstall programs if​ the​ installation process was not successful or​ if​ you​ have a​ new version of​ the​ computer software,​ you​ are trying to​ remove .​
Some programs will not write over existing files with an​ update instead they will down load the​ entire program again so that you​ have the​ older version and the​ newer version tying up your disc space .​
Programs that you​ do not need and that come with the​ computer can be removed using the​ add or​ remove programs in​ the​ control panel .​
Be very careful with the​ programs you​ are removing .​

Make sure you​ know what the​ program is​ and that it​ is​ not vital to​ the​ running of​ your computer .​
If you​ remove something your computer needs to​ run by accident you​ may crash the​ entire hard drive .​
When you​ have trouble with an​ installation,​ it​ may be the​ disc you​ are using is​ incompatible with your other software or​ has been damaged .​
If the​ software you​ have purchased will not work,​ make sure to​ return it​ to​ the​ store and ask for an​ exchange and make sure that the​ program is​ compatible.

Installing And Uninstalling Computer Software

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