Inflatable Holiday Decoration

in​ my opinion, putting up Christmas decorations is​ one of​ the high point of​ the whole year .​
I​ have always loved it​ since I​ was very little .​
Back then, my parents did not have a​ lot of​ money for​ decorating for​ the holidays .​
Christmas decorations were usually things we made ourselves .​
We would put up pine cone bird feeders, homemade Christmas ornaments, and​ things like that .​
Even though the decorations were meager, we always had a​ fun time putting them up .​
It was a​ special occasion​ for​ the whole family to​ get together.
Nowadays, outdoor Christmas decorations are a​ much more elaborate phenomenon​ in​ my family .​
Our Christmas decor isn't simple anymore, that's for​ sure .​
The centerpiece of​ our decorative scheme is​ our inflatable holiday decorations .​
We've been gathering them one by one for​ years .​
The first inflatable holiday decoration​ we got was more of​ a​ toy .​
you​ see, it​ was a​ particularly warm winter, and​ it​ wasn't snowing enough to​ build a​ snowman .​
My children, naturally enough, we're pretty dissipated by this​ development, so I​ decided to​ get them an​ inflatable snowman .​
It wasn't really intended as​ an​ inflatable holiday decoration, but more as​ a​ way to​ help lift their spirits .​
Nonetheless, it​ was so popular and​ looked so good on​ the lawn the next year we decided to​ get more inflatable Christmas decorations.
Inflatable holiday decoration​ displays come in​ all shapes and​ sizes .​
That particular snowman was not very big, but some of​ the additions we have gotten since then have been downright gigantic .​
There is​ an​ 8 foot tall Santa Claus in​ front of​ our door, guarding our house in​ a​ way that is​ both jolly and​ sinister at​ the same time .​
One of​ my neighbors has even more impressive outdoor holiday decorations .​
He has a​ giant display of​ Santa Claus and​ his reindeer .​
The thing stretches across an​ entire lawn! Every single reindeer is​ there .​
The whole thing is​ kept inflated by a​ giant pump that hums all my love.
Nonetheless, even the humble inflated holiday decoration​ can really add a​ lot to​ your​ Christmas spirit .​
We actually have an​ inflatable holiday decoration​ of​ an​ adorable little reindeer right in​ front of​ our Christmas tree, staring up at​ it .​
Nearly every person​ who has come to​ visit us has commented on​ how adorable it​ is .​
Although it​ is​ cheap and​ compact, it​ still manages to​ make quite an​ impression.

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