Inertia 5 Tips To Getting Yourself Moving Again

Inertia 5 Tips To Getting Yourself Moving Again

Inertia. Even the word sounds like a​ disease. No, it​ isn't literally a​ disease but it​ is​ one figuratively. Simply defined inertia is: resistance or​ disinclination​ to​ motion, action, or​ change. for​ those of​ us who are stuck in​ a​ job we hate, inertia can sap our energy, drain​ our lives of​ joy, and​ make us miserable to​ be around. The following 5 tips will help you​ make the changes necessary to​ bury your​ inertia.

1. Update your​ resume. Yes, you​ read it​ right. More than likely one of​ the accuses you​ have is​ that your​ resume is​ woefully outdated. Pull it​ out, look it​ over, and​ make the changes. Most importantly ask yourself, "Am I proud of​ my most recent accomplishments?" Probably not!

2. Start dreaming. you​ probably already have imagined yourself working outside of​ your​ current place of​ employment. Now is​ the time to​ visualize what you​ want to​ do. is​ it​ a​ career change? Do you​ want to​ go work for​ the competition? Do you​ want to​ start your​ own business? Write down your​ dreams and​ aspirations and​ start investigating your​ options.

3. Widen your​ circle of​ friends and​ associates. Chances are the people you​ associate with are "enabling" you​ to​ stay in​ your​ miserable job. Should that be the case, expand​ your​ network of​ peers and​ start spending time with new people who have fresh ideas who will not hold you​ back. a​ positive attitude will vault you​ forward while negativity is​ a​ certain​ hindrance.

4. Set concrete goals. Telling yourself, "I want to​ have a​ new job next year," is​ not a​ concrete goal. Plan out your​ "exit strategy" from your​ current job and​ your​ "entrance strategy" into your​ new job. Incorporate all the steps you​ will need to​ take to​ get that new job which can include: a​ refreshed resume, a​ wardrobe overhaul, weight loss/management, career coaching, and​ more.

5. Get fired. Well, not really. However, if​ in​ the meantime you​ do lose your​ job, look at​ it​ as​ a​ blessing in​ disguise. Sometimes we need a​ push in​ our lives to​ make the tough decisions we dread, or​ fear. you​ can always "fire yourself" by setting a​ deadline as​ to​ when you​ will leave your​ current job. Tell yourself now, "this​ job has ended," and​ be prepared to​ get moving.

you​ have full control over your​ inertia and​ only you​ can decide what to​ do about it. it​ is​ time to​ move on. you​ know it, you​ really do.

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