Industrial Grade Software Submission System For Only 44 A Month

Industrial Grade Software Submission System For Only 44 A Month

ROSTOCK,​ Germany. - October 18,​ 2018: GSA Rostock today announces the​ immediate availability of​ GSA Auto SoftSubmit 4.90. Developed specifically for submission to​ software archives,​ directories,​ and search engines,​ GSA Auto SoftSubmit offers a​ complete professional software submission system that is​ easy to​ use. a​ professional PAD editor is​ also included into the​ program,​ which eliminates the​ need for external editors,​ such as​ PADGen.

"The "build it​ and they will come" strategy doesn't work unless you​ promote your software proactively,​ says Sven Bansemer,​ managing director,​ GSA Rostock. "Submission of​ applications to​ online archives is​ an​ essential part of​ effective Internet marketing. it​ gives more visibility to​ your product,​ drives traffic to​ your website and increases sales. What's more,​ you​ gain better ranking in​ search engines thanks to​ the​ backlinks to​ your site. But engaging someone to​ do the​ submission can be costly and ineffective. I myself has been through this too many times and want to​ spare you​ from sharing that same bad experience by offering GSA Auto SoftSubmit so that you​ could take full control over submission and results you​ get."

Submitting an​ application is​ as​ easy as​ making a​ few clicks. you​ have everything a​ professional submission service has: the​ database,​ contacts,​ tools to​ target your submission campaign - everything already inside one small application sitting on​ your desktop and ready to​ submit. This way you​ just click "Submit" and move on​ with the​ next thing.

The core of​ GSA Auto SoftSubmit is​ the​ database,​ which is​ the​ largest and most current in​ the​ market - over 3,​900 sites and it​ keeps on​ growing. Today,​ there are no services that can offer the​ database like that. Another best thing in​ GSA software is​ speed. Because it​ handles multiple threads,​ the​ program submits to​ multiple sites simultaneously,​ which in​ practice is​ as​ many as​ over 100 submissions a​ minute. the​ URL addresses in​ the​ database never grow old as​ the​ program is​ updated several times a​ month via the​ Internet.

The program allows you​ to​ bypass antispam technologies like image code verification. Once it​ detects a​ CAPTCHA form,​ it​ asks you​ to​ enter the​ letters and digits and then submits.

GSA Auto SoftSubmit is​ pretty easy to​ use. Just run the​ program and in​ the​ window with a​ list of​ websites,​ check all or​ any of​ the​ listed sites and click the​ Submit button. the​ program will then begin submitting your software.

Pricing & Availability

GSA Auto SoftSubmit 4.90 runs on​ Microsoft Windows 95 and upwards and starts at​ $44 (USD) a​ month. Licensed users get free technical support and upgrades. More information on​ the​ product,​ as​ well as​ its free evaluation copy is​ available from

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