Individualized Positive Affirmations For Improving Self Esteem

Individualized Positive Affirmations For Improving Self Esteem

Positive self-esteem is​ very important if​ not crucial to​ our happiness and​ well being as​ a​ human being. Having positive self-esteem can make the difference in​ that which we take on​ in​ life, in​ that which we go about achieving and​ creating. Having positive self- esteem also allows us to​ have healthy and​ joyous relationships with others, to​ experience true intimacy. One could also assert that having positive self-esteem gives us access to​ genuine spirituality. Poor self-esteem, on​ the other hand, creates the space for​ us to​ experience a​ great deal of​ negativity in​ life including depression, anxiety, fear, stress and​ loneliness. Negative or​ poor self-esteem is​ also highly correlated with alcohol and​ drug dependency. Some even believe that a​ negative or​ poor self-image is​ the source of​ such addictions.

While it​ appears that the importance of​ positive self-esteem is​ somewhat understood, the unanswered question​ has always been about how to​ improve or​ enhance a​ person’s self-esteem. Some belief that a​ person’s self-esteem rests upon​ them being successful, in​ accomplishing that which they take on​ in​ life, of​ achieving goals that they have set for​ themselves. as​ a​ result much effort is​ put into assisting others in​ effectively and​ efficiently planning their doing in​ life. Others believe that our sense of​ self-esteem is​ determined by the type of​ relationships that we have, that by surrounding ourselves with positive people who will appreciate and​ acknowledge us that our esteem will be positively impacted. to​ this​ end training is​ given to​ help a​ person​ improve his interpersonal skills, how he communicates and​ relates with others. While both of​ these endeavors are important, it​ is​ not the having or​ doing that creates positive self-esteem. Ones self-esteem is​ not given or​ to​ be obtained from without, external to​ the person.

One very effective way to​ improve self-esteem is​ through the use of​ positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are very powerful for​ transforming how a​ person​ feels and​ thinks about himself, ultimately influencing how he views and​ acts within​ the world and​ towards others. The fundamental reason​ why positive affirmations are so effective is​ that their nature or​ structure reflects what already exists in​ our mind. Our identity or​ who we think we are, our current thinking patterns, are also a​ series of​ affirmations, composed fundamentally of​ mere words or​ language. Everything we think, all of​ the thoughts that we have, are merely affirmations. Positive affirmations, when used consistently, begin​ to​ alter our prevalent internal language pattern, as​ negative as​ it​ may be, our inner self talk or​ dialogue that exists within​ us. The end result of​ the consistent use of​ positive affirmations is​ the transformation​ of​ an​ inner negative language pattern into one that is​ positive in​ nature

The most effective way to​ use positive affirmations is​ with the individual’s own voice. While a​ person​ can have a​ beneficial result from listening to​ a​ commercially developed product that employs positive affirmations recorded by another, the transformative power of​ this​ technology is​ enhanced or​ strengthened by the positive messages being delivered in​ the person’s own voice. By using a​ person’s own voice to​ transform the inner dialogue, there is​ less resistance to​ the transformational process due to​ the fact that the voice itself is​ the same or​ identical. it​ is​ as​ though the negative voice or​ language pattern that one hears repeatedly in​ life is​ altered or​ transformed by the consistent exposure and​ listening to​ that same voice but with the structure of​ positive enhancing affirmations. Eventually the structure will transform from one that is​ negative to​ one that is​ positive in​ nature.

The process of​ using ones own voice in​ doing work with positive affirmations can be strengthened with the use of​ therapeutic relaxation​ music. While the use of​ ones own voice is​ very powerful for​ creating change in​ a​ person’s life, the use of​ specially designed therapeutic relaxation​ music assists in​ creating the audio space for​ this​ process to​ be very powerful. We tend to​ be more open or​ suggestible to​ positive affirmations or​ language when we are in​ a​ state of​ relaxation. When combined with binaural audio tones the relaxing affect of​ the therapeutic relaxation​ music is​ greatly enhanced. When used with the combined effect of​ the therapeutic relaxation​ music and​ binaural audio tones and​ consistently, the positive enhancing affirmations that are delivered will have such a​ profound affect upon​ improving and​ transforming a​ person’s internal, self-talk and​ eventually his self-esteem.

The technology of​ utilizing positive affirmations that are recorded in​ a​ person’s own voice and​ therapeutic relaxation​ music is​ currently being employed in​ the treatment of​ those suffering from substance dependency problems. at​ the Holistic Addiction​ Treatment Program in​ North Miami Beach, Florida, clients are given access to​ this​ powerful technology. Clients have the ability to​ create personal affirmations that empower them and​ support their recovery and​ also are able to​ record these affirmations. The recorded positive affirmations are then mixed with specially designed therapeutic relaxation​ music to​ create a​ powerful audio product to​ assist the individual in​ his recovery. Once created the client is​ trained in​ the most effective manner in​ which to​ utilize their personal CD as​ part of​ their overall recovery plan. Those clients who utilize this​ powerful technology tend to​ improve their self- esteem, stay in​ recovery and​ improve the quality of​ their life in​ general. When a​ person​ feels and​ thinks more positively about himself he tends to​ be more positive towards everything that he is​ taking on​ in​ his life, including and​ most importantly his recovery.

Harry Henshaw, Ed.D., LMHC

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